After-Before November (Still life with rose)

For November’s After-Before (one photo focus) I went with a simple edit this week.

I straightened the original, which was from Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography. I then cropped it and applied a charcoal filter.  I also adjusted the light and added a rounded border.

Maybe this is what it would look like if someone sat and loosely sketched this single rose still life.


 I also wanted to add a few words that would add a message to edify a bit.  I thought about an inspirational rose quote, or a “be still” saying, but then the three words, rejoice and be glad, from an old card came to mind (included at the end). 

slide show and then the photos:

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Here is the old image that inspired the three words.

Life is not perfect, but there is always something to be glad about. 🙂

rejoice and be glad sign

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28 thoughts on “After-Before November (Still life with rose)

    1. Thanks so much YC, I liked that pastel version too – I think it was called the watercolor splash – something like that. And I like the term wonder treatment, sound like a nice spa option.

      Would you like the wonder treatment with your mani pedi? If so, let us know because there is a little “bit of wiggle room” in the price.

      ha – get it – wiggle room….

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        1. Well I think it depends – but now that I mention it the combo seems to attract girls and I see guys mostly get manicures – but they have toes too! Jk….

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    1. thanks very much – and if you check out the main page, I think many of the submissions have a similar edit take. Very diverse, but also similar…..

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  1. Ha! I knew you could draw! 🙂 You´ve an artist´s eye! The after pic really is very lovely, and if you hadn´t told us about the editing and shown the original you would definitely have fooled me! 😀
    And a perfect message, too! Wishing you a very beautiful week, dear Yvette! 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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  2. (EN) It sounds like”I’m playing with the Beauty” 😉and your “pieces of art ” are truly Beautiful 😊
    (IT) Suona come”sto giocando con la Bellezza”😉 e i tuoi “pezzi d’arte” sono veramente Belli 😊

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