Friday Food (MEAT photos and reminder)

Hi everyone – it is almost Friday and so this post is a reminder that the Friday Food theme this month is meat –  info is HERE – but any food photos will fit right in – because this is a celebration of deliciousness after all.

Here are some mixed photos I have for this week.

Have you ever wondered the difference between a Porterhouse and T-bone? Size makes the difference because the Porterhouse has to be at 1.25″ inches thick to qualify as Porterhouse.
Reminded me of a Freddy Krueger hand. bah!
This fish seems to be saying, “Hey, don’t forget to join in on the Friday Food challenge…”


We enjoyed another sub at Wegmans, this time we tried the meatball sub because this awesome young man recommended it… it was  good….and even though I will not get this again (not really my kind of sub) I LOVE when employees have suggestions because it makes the experience better – even if we did not love the item, having the confidence to give an opinion is much appreciated and shows involvement. Tip of the hat to him….


this photo is for blog friend at likeitiz…. because back in November 2014 – she replaced a display of flowers with Brussel sprouts (see photo below) – Ha!  and that is super fitting for Friday Food, don’t ya think?

Likeitiz’s “Brussel sprout” replacement snippet:likeitiz


While I was looking for the link to that older post, I came across one of likeitiz’s reflection posts about “collections” and she mentioned this:

“I had said in my welcome to 2015 post that I would live the next 365 days with two important realizations. Well, here’s a third one that I started soon after I wrote that post. Simplify. Cull. De-clutter. De-bulk. At first, it seemed like such a daunting task. But when I broke it down to one cabinet or drawer at a time, it became doable.”


Now I am not sure where you are at right now in your life, but for some reason, November is usually a time when I find myself thinking about the current year ending and then I ponder my aims for the new year approaching.  

I think about projects I might want to hustle to get done before the year ends and I plan out what can be carried over into the new year.  I usually cannot think of these things in December because life is so much busier – and then before I know it, January rolls in and bam, the new year has started.  So I have come to appreciate my November reflection time. I have learned to embrace the planning mode that happens so naturally for me at this time.  I have learned to make the most of it before busy December and January roll on in.

How about you?  

Maybe this week you can spend some time thinking about what needs to be completed before the year ends or what you have in mind for the coming year?  If so, maybe you want to choose a “word” for the year, like I have done the last six or seven years (and all of my words have started with the letter F – I will maybe share them later…. but I usually have a word that starts the year and then I look back and give a word that sums up the year – sometimes the words are congruent).

Well Chris recently wrote about her “word of the year pondering” here  – and next is a snippet of it for you:

Source: Chris at 61musings

Okay – if you are not into thinking about the upcoming year yet, let’s just enjoy this day for what it has!

Have a great Friday and if you have any FRIDAY FOOD photos to share, please link up because we want to drool with you.



author update:

11/24/16 we found our own fresh sprouts on the stem at trader joe’s




check out Dahlia’s Meaty Matters post HERE.







27 thoughts on “Friday Food (MEAT photos and reminder)

    1. MUCHAS gracias amiga….
      and third year in a row I have thought of you with Brussel Sprouts in November – I might even get some on the stalk this coming week…. they are just fun that way….


    1. I know… someone got creative with that lemon – and while I can eat octopus soup, I do not really care of bit that much – do you like to eat octopus?

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        1. I had a feeling you might have liked it – I know you have sophisticated taste buds (or at least that is the impression I have had from so many of your posts) – have a great day Andy)

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  1. November is my birthday month – so that’s what I focus on this time of year – and then Christmas is just around the corner 😀 I love octopus. These are great food shots xxxx


  2. I like the picture of the fish. It reminds me of one that I have too. It is similar to yours here. For the next year word or this year one, I think I just enjoy day by day without too far thinking 🙂

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    1. Well glad you are in the “now” YC and would love to see your photo (hint) but really should post more…. well actually you just keep doing what works for you…. and maybe one day we will see that fish!

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  3. Hi Y! Interesting eye catching pictures – esp that octopus (?)! I am interested in this new game – a word to describe the year? Or the coming year – will wait for it 🙂 btw I posted the friday food post and linked it to the other post. Should i link it to this one? or both? Let me know – have grand weekend 🙂

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    1. Well first – thanks soooooo much for linking to Friday food – yeah baby
      And linking to the main page is fine – but both works!
      I also follow the Friday food tag so in the reader the post can show up that way if u added the tag….
      And looking forward to your word.
      I think I have mine but it is a boring one – but it is what it is….. lol

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      1. Hi! Not sure what you mean by tag? I added the #fridayfood under tags- is that what you mean? Look forward to reading your ‘boring’ post – possibly mine may surpass yours 😉 😀

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        1. yes that is exactly what I mean.

          I am still learning more about them, but when you add tags – it also helps search engines find your post.

          and I just learned how to follow a tag – in the dashboard go to the READER and its the 7th item down – you can type in the tag you want to follow and those posts will show up in your reader. If you already know this – then just disregard…


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      1. I don’t mind sharing. My goals relate to my writing which is foremost in my life, now that I’ve dragged myself away from family history. I want to finish something for once in my life. 2015 was DETERMINATION and my current one is COMMIT. I’m committed all right, since I have already put my novel on pre-order at Amazon. I have 50 days left to get it right. Exciting, but scary! I daresay my next word will be related to following through. Looking forward to your word, Y.

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        1. Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting the book to pre-order status!!
          I am slowly finishing up some informal book projects too- whew – arduous is the word I have for that! ARDUOUS!
          And I think I know next year’s – but still deciding – this year was “fresh” as I had an entirely different MO – and it was a pretty fresh year- but the hindsight word for 2026 is “light” – a lighter year indeed .

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