20 thoughts on “Calm (Thursday’s Special)

        1. Did you just call me CPONE…as in Al Capone, I ain´t no gangsta her me sista!!

          The way, should I go or should I not go to see this girl?… She ain´t no saint, now that I think about it nor are none, now that I think about it….hold on let me think….. love ya 😉

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        2. Hey sir Spaniard poet –
          It was CP 1
          Remember that!?
          Not the Capone thing
          And side note on the gangsta topic
          Francis Ford Coppola just made a book with his
          original notes from making The Godfather movie and it sounds really interesting.

          Anyhow poet
          I know a gangsta you are not
          But have you ever heard of the song
          lyrical gangsta?
          The hotstepper?


        3. I´m a lyrical gangsta and a real gansta which sounds surreal but that is my deal, so the deal is sealed moooooma! Moma Moma don´t you see?
          How this kid apprecitaes you?
          Plus doing a strange Scooby Doo!
          Love you

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