Small Town Vibe


Hello – wanted to share a photo from Fredericksburg, VA, linking up with nancy merrill photography for Small Towns


Small Towns sometimes have eateries with a flag covering the sky light and old books piled high for your reading enjoyment.



Small towns also sometimes have the classic hardware store, this one is called Earl’s True Value:


And in this small town, we can find one of a kind rooftop dining (Linked to Cee’s ROOFS):








21 thoughts on “Small Town Vibe

    1. Gracias Jo- I was messing with the edits to see how those lights would change – and only later did I realize the books have some fun titles:

      JOe + Beef


  1. Are those books for people to sit down and read while you eat? I guess people may need to come back to keep on reading. I think that is a good idea though at least as decoration items. They make the place feel intimate with the place.

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      1. I’ve not been to IKEA store. It is good to know they serve food there. It is a great idea but too bad the food isn’t fresh or hot enough. It is a thing that I hope they can improve on.

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      2. Well maybe it is because we go late in day – no wait – we have been there in afternoon many times – and soups are Never hot enough!
        Anyhow – we bought some items there when we first moved to Virginia and guess how much of it we still have? Nada.
        We think their furniture is rather rickety and not durable.
        However – their bedding is usually a great cotton- and they have sales often!
        Also – fun innovative toys for kids.
        Hope you have a nice day YC


  2. I love small towns (I guess that’s why I live in one). We have some great little shops that offer all kinds of local wares – but we don’t have rooftop dining unfortunately 😀


    1. Well maybe someday some rooftops will open up…. I think the main places I have seen rooftop development has been in older places – like this one….
      And sorry for late reply. I had to rescue your comments again…


  3. One of our favourite things about America is discovering small towns . . . not done it for a while as on our last trip which was a year ago we were in a big city for most of our stay. Next year hopefully get back out on the road.

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