Vietnamese Dish (and Craving info)

I wanted to share some information about Craving and the deficiencies related to some of them (full credit goes to wise mind healthy body and go HERE to read more)

If you crave chocolate, you are unknowingly deficient in magnesium.

“According to recent statistics, up to 80 percent of Americans are lacking in magnesium, which is an essential macromineral needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including reactions that relate to relaxation. In fact, magnesium is nicknamed the “relaxation mineral,” since anxiety, irritability, insomnia and high blood pressure are its main deficiency symptoms. This is the reason why magnesium-deficient people temporarily feel better after eating a chocolate bar: the small amounts of magnesium in it (derived from its cacao content) relaxes them. Try eating Dark leafy greens, seeds and nuts, fish, beans and blackstrap molasses.” 

Also –  I suggest magnesium chloride on the skin – it can get absorbed – see my post here

A craving for high-sugar foods means deficiencies in no less than five nutrients could be causing it:

  • chromium (helps to regulate blood sugar levels)
  • carbon (one of the elements from which sugar is made)
  • phosphorus (helps the body produce energy)
  • sulfur (helps remove toxins)
  • tryptophan (a serotonin regulator)

Therefore, the best way to end incessant sugar cravings is to simply improve your diet, which will help remineralize your body in all areas.”

Also, with any craving for sugar check for candidiasis and parasites….. and make sure you are hydrated and nourished – many people have malabsorption and don’t know it….

“A craving for refined carbs like pasta and bread signals a deficiency in nitrogen.

A craving for Oily and fatty foods means deficient in calcium. Good sources of calcium include raw milk, cheese, turnip greens and broccoli.

A craving for Ice means deficient in iron. Eat more iron-rich foods like leafy greens, meat, blackstrap molasses and sea vegetables.

A craving for salty foods means deficient in chloride and/or silicon. Try adding more fish, nuts and seeds to your diet.”


Do you have any FRIDAY FOOD photos to share?  

The theme is meat this month, but all food photos are welcome. 

((It is the last Friday of November so let’s see those food pics… 🙂 ))


Vietnamese Food (meat – rice noodles, fish sauce, fresh carrots, cucumbers, sprouts and more…).  On the menu it was called B #2
“Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? Not just eat it, but taste it? You can’t taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.” Terri Guillemets





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26 thoughts on “Vietnamese Dish (and Craving info)

  1. Oh my gracious goodness! Seeing that delicious-looking Vietnamese meal is torture. I used to always buy Vietnamese sandwich when I was in California. I haven’t seen any Vietnamese restaurant here in Japan. So yeah, that is painful to see. 🙂

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    1. Sorry about the pain, R!!

      The California salad sounds good….
      I have to assume Japan has you covered with delicious “and” nutritious cuisine – even if not Vietnamese….


  2. On our first date–thirty five years ago–my now-husband took me to the Cafe Loc, which was the only place in Seattle (or anywhere else I knew of) that featured Vietnamese cuisine. It sealed the deal and I married the guy! I’m happy to say that Vietnamese food has enjoyed a rising popularity and we can now find it everywhere in the area. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Oh what a fun meal to have as that first! And so it is everywhere now? Also cool – and what I find win win was how naturally gluten free and nutritious the veggies, meat, and rice noodles are. ..

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      1. When I picked my daughter up from high school, sometimes we would stop for ice cream, but more often we would stop at our little neighborhood pho place for a big bowl of tofu pho–really some of my simplest and happiest memories.

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        1. Mmmmm that sounds good and what a nice memory to have from those high school days! And I still have a difficult time properly pronouncing Pho!
          Hope your month is starting off nicely N

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        2. Yes, I loved having the kids at home and sharing those special times, and am now transitioning to an empty nest. But really, it’s not an empty nest so long as my husband and I are still here. This year I threw myself into decorating for the season and am making our nest cozy and cheerful and bright, and inviting friends in to share the holidays.

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        3. Sounds like you are keeping the nest full of warmth and love – and maybe they should think of a new name for it…
          the changing nest
          the quieter and different nest
          the roomier nest with new focus
          but not empty…


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  3. That looks very scrumptious! 🙂 Kind of food my son loves too. I did give someone a nudge about your Friday Food but I can’t remember who now. Ha- joys of being geriatric 🙂

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  4. Great post! I love learning about all those things. Funny enough: I´m currently craving for eggs! I could eat them everyday! I´ve always been raised by the mantra: your body will tell you what it needs, so I have no problem in doing exactly that. I also recommend bananas for magnesium, they always help me and it takes only one per day to keep everything smooth and relaxed 😉

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    1. Mmmm – the daily banana sounds good and the first thing I think of is the absorbable potassium with them – but they are a wonder nutrient dense food for sure – the only thing is sometimes the high sugar is not good for folks with candidiasis or other ailments that sugar feeds – because sometimes fruits have high sugar that is a better sugar – but still add up for some folks…

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      1. Ah, yes, I haven´t thought of that… thank you for more insight, Yvette! I appreciate it a lot! 🙂 Makes me eye my banana with a new view 😉 Have a wonderful day! xxx 🙂 ❤

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