Relax (Seven Days of Art: Day ONE)

The weekly photo challenge this week is Relax, and to join in, I am sharing what made me relax this week – this large, beautiful painting by artist C. Loft:


Untitled, by C. Loft (Date unknown; 4 feet by 3 feet)
detail from C Loft painting

This post is also Day One for the Seven Day Art Challenge (inspired by J. Schlenker at a Thursday’s child) And because Schlenker is an author, here is a comic shared with authors last month:



detail from C Loft Painting

And if you would like to join in the challenge, start right now with post #1 and check out  A Thursday’s Child‘s seven days of art.




31 thoughts on “Relax (Seven Days of Art: Day ONE)

    1. well I look forward to seeing what you come up with – and dawn – I have been thinking of you all week because I have windows to share and need to get them posted!
      I also thought of you when i saw Chris’ calendar – and well – I will be over soon to say hello – thanks for dropping by


    1. Thanks for dropping by and I am so glad to have read about your challenge – and again- the day two veggies are just great and you have piqued my interest in your book!


    1. Thanks – and I know you have a nice structure for your challenge lady lee – but I want to encourage you to consider the seven day art challenge – it would be fun to see art from your slice of the world / well additional art to what you already share !

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  1. Beautiful painting, Yvette.
    I don’t know how I missed several of your posts. I thought I had gone through all new posts in WP reader often. (I checked and I am still following you.) The order in reader may be different from what I had expected. ;-( Hope I will figure this out soon.
    Have a great day.

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    1. Hi Helen – well the reader is not consistent and I miss so much – and even comments at times!
      But thanks for caring about my posts….
      And I have a handful of catch up ones I am getting to this month….
      Thanks again for translating that art piece for me…

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