Breathe (Seven Days of Art: Day TWO)

This post is Day TWO for the Seven Day Art Challenge:

I call this painting, “Breathe” – I know the quality is poor – Title and Artist are unknown (20″ x 24″ print of an oil). A parent offered this print to me a few years ago, I let them give it to someone else….



My art challenge was inspired by author J. Schlenker at A Thursday’s child – and so this comic is for her:



The Opinionated man, Jason, promotes blogger/authors and I sometimes enjoy skimming what he shares – and so here are two authors in my December line-up:

Author Dianne Gray (HERE) – she has been writing since 1995 and her blog has this:

My favourite pastime is writing and I’ve won over a dozen national and international writing awards, the latest being shortlisted (top three) in the prestigious 2016 Ruth Rendell Short Story award which was judged by the wonderful and talented Lynda La Plante. You can read excerpts of the novels listed below on my Novel Excerpts PageThe Everything Theory – which took out an Interactive Press Publishing award in 2009. One to read if you love ancient technology and scientific conspiracy.

Tish Farrell at Writer on the Edge (HERE) and her about page has this:

My published fiction includes short novels for the African Children’s literature market,  quick reads for unkeen teen readers, and short stories for Cricket, Spider and Cicada magazines. I’ve also written a young adult how-to-write series ‘Write your own…” which among other awards earned a special Golden Duck award for encouraging excellence in children’s Science Fiction writing.

and this next blogger, Ana Linden (HERE) – love her settings, psychology, etc.


And to connect with Dahlia’s Just for Fun #16 (HERE) I am including some Calvin & Hobbes:

Calvin and Hobbes comic
Calvin and hobby comic 2
Calvin and hobby comic 2
Calvin and hobby comic 3
Calvin and hobby comic 3




See you tomorrow 



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9 thoughts on “Breathe (Seven Days of Art: Day TWO)

  1. I love Calvin and Hobbes 😀 And the painting is lovely, especially liked the reflection of the bridge completing the circle. Thanks for sharing my post and spreading the fun 🙂

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    1. Hi Dawn- no name that I could find. And I can see that it is not everyone’s preference – it is definitely one that I still ponder – I do like the maroon and the building – I guess the bricks maybe – but as you know – sometimes we cannot always articulate why we like or dislike or why we love or despise an artwork – it just “is what it is” lol


      1. Yes, and even those who do not appeal to meat first glance I enjoy studying. So if I were to come to this in a gallery I would stand and drink it in, if for no other reason than to try to understand why it does not appeal to me. I think if you love art, that is just what you do.

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, Yvette. Your blog posts give out great gusts of enthusiasm and energy. Did you know that? All the way from your screen and out of mine in Much Wenlock. That’s quite a talent you have there!
    I like the print too. It has an instantly soothing quality. I can feel exactly why you call it ‘Breathe’. Happy Day to you, my dear.

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    1. thanks so much Tish, and now I have to decided what I am going to read from you… I think I know, but still deciding –
      and thanks again fro the nice comment

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