Lost in Translation’s pick-a-word December Photo Challenge)

This post is to connect with Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word HERE



e   c   h   o

If you want to join in, check out Paula’s blog here:

and because Paula gives us some background about her photos, I thought I would do so as well: 

Details about the photos:

#1 Libation: If you did not know already, essential oils are all the rage these days – partly because of the MLM businesses of  doTERRA and Young Living.  I do not like either of those companies (for a few reasons) and I prefer NOW essential oils (from Lucky Vitamin).  I order bottles for sharing from here, (those are NOT affiliate links, I just share because I want to inform)

anyhow, while at a friend’s house last month, I noticed one of her essential oils had Christmas Spirit on it, and I thought, “Hey, I found the Christmas spirit, right here on Laura’s counter….”  Anybody need a little splash. 

#2 Amiable: Ugly Christmas Sweater, at a store in Rochester, New York

#3 Echo: One of the back employee entrances at The Galleria Mall in Western New York. 

 #4 Protrusion: A photo from a road trip this year, I accidentally took a longer route in this trip, but it ended up being beautiful (and I used that self-talk to remind myself to soak up the beauty of the scenic waterway route even if it took a lot longer). This intersection photo is so BUSY – can make on dizzy. 

#5 Aquatic: Bukroe Beach, Virginia – this beach is very old and kind of run down.  I think they are trying to improve it, and Bill Jones has many posts about this beach, including this photo from 1974 HERE. When we visited this beach last summer, one of the guys with us used to live near a beach in Santa Barbara, California and it was fun to talk about two very opposite beaches…..(oh and I added the lens in the photo just for fun – and because I miss the ABF this month…) 







19 thoughts on “Lost in Translation’s pick-a-word December Photo Challenge)

  1. Your entries are so clever – each and every one of them, but the one with the lens keeps me laughing 😀 Great thinking Yvette, and I am so flattered cause of your little copycat act 😉 😀 I also thought that your echo is so damn straight and super clever. Well, I like all of them, even the ugly sweater 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much Paula – I felt similar with yours – every photo matched the word you paired it with – with a piece of you.
      In fact, I scrolled your photos a few times and it had such a nice effect with the large image and one single word. hmmm
      and the echo photo – I actually took that to maybe use for a Thursday door link up, but the door is a bit far and the photo had more. and so it was sitting waiting to be rescued by Thursday’s special.
      obrigado 🙂

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        1. Can you imagine being at a party and asked to wear that sweater with someone you don’t like – or with whom you are having a disagreement! Oh dear … 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. The lens pic is so funny 😀 Looks like eye balls! And the sweater is interesting, is it meant to be worn by two people at the same time? Seems to have two openings…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi d – yes – it is a sweater that two people climb into together – bah!
      I guess the designers are thinking of the ubiquitous holiday parties where it is “in” to wear ugly Christmas sweaters – and this year the super cheap ugly Christmas sweaters are everywhere – so the trend might be reaching saturation /

      Liked by 1 person

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