SMILE (Seven Days of Art: Day FOUR) Dianne Dengel sketch and Oprah’s piece


This is another art piece that came my way because someone wanted the frame! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

This sketch is a nice class sample because there are some guide lines that Dianne loosely sketched in. Students could see how the artist sectioned the page and began her sketch. Notice the center bottom line – and the whisper light perspective lines on the ceiling?   This little sketch from Dianne Dengel (HERE) shows us how artists often have a signature style – and in this sketch we have those large eyes and soft curves that Dianne placed in her fictional portraits.

Artist Dianne Dengel received an artist’s BUMP when Mr. Fred Rogers in 1984 (from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood) found a portrait Dianne had drawn of Fred’s father. Dianne went on to make two portraits of Fred had some of it recorded and shown on his show.

I also smiled when I read (here) that Dianne made a portrait painting for Oprah.



Dianne Dengel’s works are not my particular favorite, but she has a trademark signature look and most of her drawings make me SMILE! And that is linked to T’s weekly smile #49.

Side note, Oprah showed Dianne some love “back” because Oprah went our of her way to thank the artist with a photo and thank you note. How kind! Those kind gestures say so much about the heart of someone with so much fame…. still able to make time to thank someone…  not just a standard card, but the pic and all that.










13 thoughts on “SMILE (Seven Days of Art: Day FOUR) Dianne Dengel sketch and Oprah’s piece

    1. thanks Andy – I like the two words you used – “beautiful and sweet” – and at first I thought it was a nun.. but then I realized that it is a lady with a scarf and she is maybe the culture rich classic church lady – ? what do you think


  1. Not my favorite either (too cute 😉 ), but they do make me smile. And I do like the Oprah painting more than the others since she didn’t go too far out on the cute. I’m glad Oprah showed her appreciation 🙂

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    1. JO – that is a cool connection and I forgot about the famous smile on that iconic piece! Thanks for that!
      And the details I see relate to my particular background – so it is more from familiarity and just what I have been immersed in – 🎨


    1. well thanks for taking the time to visit my many posts this past week. you rock – and it brought a smile.

      and side note, I am joining in on stories and more – but will have feedback closer to month’s end – no time to really read it in a way I want to – so it is on my indulgence list when work is done….


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      1. No pressure to read Y! Stories and more is meant to be a place to come and relax when you wish you not because you have to 🙂 Enough pressures as it is!

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      2. oh no pressure – but want to give it the care it deserves – plus – I kind of want to be stretched and it is worth the small time investment – ya know ?

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