Friday Food (Bread desserts, eggs, meatless dish, bacon and 2 comics)

Happy Friday Everyone,

The theme for December’s Friday Food is Bread.

Mexican Dessert Bread – with real whipped cream


American Dessert Bread


in the bread family
Ok, so last summer, we were at a luncheon and someone brought these ball of yummies. They looked so good, but… See the next photo…
eggs??? Never expected eggs to be wrapped with breading and meat. They were “ok” – but not what I was expecting. And not what I wanted – I mean, I love eggs, but, um…. does it look good to you?

Just for fun….


My favorite meals are actually BREADLESS….


And another just for fun…



 I would like to thank last month’s contributors  (and just FYI – I have decided to NOT continue with Friday Food as a challenge in 2017).

Dahlia, at My Silver Streaks, with her clever writing where she shared about how meat is a “rather tricky item (and a contentious topic) in India” with her post Meaty Matters (here).

Doc Jeff’s classic and culture rich Chicken meal (here),

Lady Lee Manila’s amazing meat post with so many succulents photos.

Amy’s enormous hamburger from London (here) with lots of meat and a great big bun.

 There are four more to add in and I will try and update this post later. 



Thanks and have a nice Friday. 




19 thoughts on “Friday Food (Bread desserts, eggs, meatless dish, bacon and 2 comics)

  1. Oh my. I don’ think any of my favorite meals are breadless. Except maybe pancakes, which you would probably consider bread, cause I don’t have toast with pancakes – I have more pancakes.

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    1. Hahhaha – thanks for the laugh with the “don’t have toast with pancakes”
      Love your humor –
      And while I can have “some” bread now – when I was cleansing and healing bread was the number one NOT to eat food. Sometimes sourdough – which is in a class of its own – and sometimes a pure rye, pumpernickel, or Trader Joe’s brown rice bread 🍞- but it was a major shift for a girl who had bread every day.
      I once heard a nutritionist say “two slices of toast at most” but for healing it was NO bread.
      However – now I enjoyed Aldi’s seeds and nut bread or their dark pumpernickel – and once in a while – French Toast extra toasted – mmmm

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  2. An interesting post, Yvette. I had that kind egg in a bar long time ago. It’s called Scotch Egg. I was curios about it. It tasted ok; I am not crazy about it either.
    Have a wonderful evening.

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    1. Thanks Helen – a scotch egg, huh? Never heard of it – and i think the shock of finding an egg inside was what caught me the most – and we are similar with the “ok”

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      1. Scotch eggs were very popular when I was a child – both in school and at home. But the covering wasn’t really bread or meat. Boiled eggs were cut in half and coated with a thickish layer of boiled, mashed and spiced potato and bread (as a binding agent) and deep fried. If you are feeling extra adventurous, the egg yolk can be cooked with minced meat and stuffed inside the egg whites – voila! Darn craving for one right now 😉

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    1. Hahaha
      Welcome Judy and I love bread so much we made up a bread song about ten years ago “bread –
      Bread bread bread”
      But had to limit consumption for a while and went back to –
      What you said
      REaL good bread
      And real butter!!
      Hope your breakfast was yum and virtual bread 🍞 from me to u!

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  3. I do love sandwiches and burgers but our wheat ‘bread’ are flat usually round and cooked over (or in) a fire – may be dry or fried in oil. Hmm lemme see if i can come up with something 😉

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