Yellow Goodbye: 365 Days of ART: Day 8

ROBERT HOLCOMB OIL ON CANVAS (American, 20th century) This piece was untitled, but I call it “Yellow Goodbye”


The above R. Holcomb piece reminded me of Klimt’s The Kiss – even though they they are quite different.  

I called the above painting yellow goodbye because it seemed sad – like a parting embrace.  Do you think so? His jacket seems to imply exiting and her posture holds him dearly with a serious and almost worried vibe.  Some concern as she receives his strong hold – not necessarily in the eros vibe of Klimt’s painting (below), which depicts almost a sense of contentment in the lady, who is the one receiving the embrace. 

What is your take?


Here are three more pieces by R. Holcomb:



This is Day 8 of my 365 Day art Challenge. Thanks to Helen for the idea to keep going, and to A Thursday’s Child for the first seven days.  

Some days I might have to schedule the posts, but I will always be back to check in.  I have some fun ideas for a few of the posts, and reserve the right to quit at any time (you know – if I start to hate it and just need to).  In the meantime, hope you enjoyed Day #8. 

15 thoughts on “Yellow Goodbye: 365 Days of ART: Day 8

    1. Hi indah- well it should be a cake walk for me (easy-easy) if I do it the right way – or schedule posts for times of a break….
      We shall see….
      Peace 🐬🐬🐋🐋🐳🐳


  1. I love Yellow Goodbye, Yvette. It does seem sad to me too. Strong and powerful emotion. Wow.
    Maybe you can e-publish a book after 365 days, yes? Thank you for doing it. I suggested it because I enjoyed reading it so much. This is like a Christmas gift for me! 😉
    Went out of town for a day. Now I have to go check your previous post. Have a wonderful evening. Thanks again.

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    1. Well
      and back to this yellow goodbye….
      Thanks for the feedback – this panting cost ten dollars at one of the used bookstores I go to – they sometimes have art – but it usually gets snatched up – there are small business people who go there to find stuff to resell.
      Some stand over the books with smart phones scanning ISBNs – anyhow – I liked the painting at the time – and that is why I took a photo – but it was way later when I realized I loved it – and the clothing feels like late 1800s ?
      Do you think? Someone said maybe he was a French solider leaving….

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      1. I received my calendars too. I didn’t open it (almost did 😉 It is a “surprise to me for the Christmas 😉
        I’ll email later. More blogs to read…

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  2. ‘Yellow Goodbye’ is sad to me, clinging on for one more hug and kiss…powerful… emotive. And usually I’m not keen on yellow, but this really suits the mood…


  3. Dont kill me but Yellow Goodbye was a sinister vampire sucking blood for me until you said it was a sad parting 😁 And similarly, the second one also I would have never identified as a kiss or if at all – a man kissing a building😠 See my problem? Too pragmatic and no sense of art. But I am learning – hopefully!

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    1. Oh thanks DawD- and yuck – that could be what you said with yellow goodbye- ew….
      And I was never a Klimt fan – his work is busy to me and I never liked the essence imbued – however – Sylvia’s daughter painted some amazing Klimt like pieces that I meant to link to this post, and will go back in and add. So talented – the daughter and Klimt. But in Klimt’s details – use of color – and full compositions give a lot of visuals….
      And kissing a building ? Never thought of that – my issue is with the posture

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      1. Good to know people besides me have issues 😀 I didnt dislike Yellow Goodbye but just gave me different vibes – and thanks for not killing me 🙂

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