Concept Art: Coffee cup sizes get larger every year

Even though I am posting daily for the 365 Day Art Challenge, I am still going to join in some photo challenges, so bear with me if it seems like a lot of Priorhouse on some days. 🙂


 I was first inspired by what Gilly did (here) for Paula’s TS challenge, which is conceptual photography (here):

“What is conceptual photography? It is photography of a concept that is illustrated and conveyed through a photograph. It is more about the message of a photo than about what is in the photo. Some artists intend to be clear in their messages, in illustration of their ideas, and some do not care if they will be understood or misinterpreted. You have seen conceptual photography in advertising, in social critique, in political messages, but it is also used in contemporary conceptual art.”

Okay, so here is my entry: 

The concept is that coffee cup sizes are always getting bigger. 



Now the back story:


My niece was here  and I told her I would take her to Starbucks on the two-hour drive to bring her back to her grandmother.  

It ended up taking three hours – there was holiday traffic and we stopped for gas (and she also was able to experience a toasted sub from Wa-Wa which she was also asking about).

 Now back to Starbucks:

My niece asked/reminded me numerous times, “Are we still going to Starbucks?” 

“Yes, but I want to go to one that is close to the highway, ok?”

few minutes later:

“Still stopping at Starbucks, right?”

“yes ma’am….”

little later:

“When are we going to Starbucks, Aunt Yvette?”

we were only 20 minutes into the trip….  but I decided to pull off at the next exit because there was a Starbucks one block down the road.

The Starbucks stop was a few extra (extra) minutes out-of-the-way, but this girl needed to get her Starbucks …. and hey, it was also “time together.”  

Side note –  it is very interesting that Starbucks gift cards are still a cool gift to give a teen… just like it was in the 90s…. really good gift! 


She ordered a peppermint cold drink concoction.

She then enjoyed her drink for at least 15 minutes on the ride  – it was huge.  The size of it was just the new Trenta – but rather ginormous at 31 oz.   I had a black grande coffee…. 16 oz.

I remember in the 1980’s when a satisfying “large” coffee was 16 oz…. and for Starbucks this is just the next one up from small…. but hey, this is what people want – a good size for their dollar!

Another side note, back in 2013, “M” saved over 800 dollars a year when she stopped having her daily latte at the Starbucks in the mall up North.  Instead of spending $3.50 to $4.00 per day – she had coffee at her shop; when I saw her in October, she now buys Starbucks’ VIA ready brew and makes those at the shop – excellent taste and excellent price.   

Me?  I am not a huge Starbucks fan, but I do like their sumatra and house blend.  Oh, and I used to like their (now gone) London Fog tea latte (earl grey with vanilla).  

What about you?  

Are you one with a Starbucks card or not?






credit – sweatpants and coffee  (self-care, yo!)
Credit – talking head


Hope you have a nice rest of your day.



terrieman coffee cup


Check out LOST IN TRANSLATION to join in with your concept art….





50 thoughts on “Concept Art: Coffee cup sizes get larger every year

    1. Hi a! Good point about the six sips (unless it is espresso) and not sure if you recall – but do you remember that last comic (with big cup) from a couple years ago in a post? Not that u have seen all posts – juts Curious;)

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      1. Um, wow so long ago. Got a link still? O:) for espresso, at work we have one of those italian coffee machines and i put in 3 shots then some cream and on ice, heaven!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No I might have deleted the post! But I know I posted it way back sometime –
        And the our coffee sounds delicious – or a slice of heaven…. makes me want coffee right now, but having some tea to wind down for night (Trader Joe’s peppermint holiday blend) 🍶


  1. You did the right thing. When something is at the front of a young one’s mind the only thing to do is to satisfy it. I’m sure your trip went well for the next 100 or so minutes. 🙂
    Your story reminds me of a “silly me” story that occurred the day we arrived in LA earlier in the year. We went to some markets, I think not too far from La Brea Tar Pits. My son ordered a small cappuccino each for he and his partner. I wanted to avoid the frothy milk and asked for a small Americano. When he brought them to the table, my coffee was twice the size of theirs. Puzzled, I asked, “Are these the same size?” (meaning all small) My son just pointed to the cups and we all laughed, and still do every time some one reminds me. Americanos come in only one size apparently. Norah needs to learn about same and different sizes! 🙂


    1. Hahah
      Thanks for the story! And those are the best lingering jokes to share –
      Oh and the niece in this post was a different one from yesterday’s art post – the one in this post was older and she “could” have waited – but – well – it was a good call!

      And interesting that americanos only come in one standard size – oh and saw a post about the LA tar pits not too long ago – thanks for your fun comment !

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  2. Starbucks, of course, wanted the coolest sounding name for their extra large coffee that they could imagine but wanted it to have two syllables, so they compromised and added that extra “a” 😉 I do like Starbucks, but a good Mom &Pop local cafe is usually better.

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  3. Haha…Enorme is the up and coming new concept, I don’t doubt it! Aspie loves Starbucks, we have one our end of town now. I’m more of a tea drinker and boring with my black English breakfast, so no card for me, but I’d join you for a nice coffee mid morning…maybe even some flies to go with it, or coolios would be better…Christmas decorated ones. Not too large though, lol! And of course, a stop is always nice to spend time together…sounds like a nice trip with your niece, except for the traffic of course…my town is having constant roadworks lately, takes an age to get anywhere! Oh…and I love your changing header mon amie…really enjoyed hanging out with you today… 🙂 ❤ xoxo

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    1. Well thanks for noticing the header !
      And the question about the Starbucks card!
      Some ladies I know with their card can get passionate about it. In fact – down in Florida in 2014 there was an obsessed Canadian visiting my mother and she was in the phone with an associate griping about points on her Starbucks card!
      And with my niece – have to share that we missed a small fender bender clean up all while getting gas (and the sub) and so it felt “divine” and then we told a “perpetual” story that lasted 35 minutes!!!
      And when we meet up mon amie- coolios and flies and we can talk about the lady by the river – breaking bad (have mahesh join for hat) – and the sopranos – if I ever get to watch it (sniff)
      Have a great night !

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      1. Oh so much to talk about, and by then hopefully you will have watched the Sopranos! I could watch it all again, it’s the only complete series I’ve known hubby watch! And I remember our conversation with Mahesh, wow, that seems a while ago now…where has the time gone? And your time with your neice was ‘divine’ in more ways than one mon amie! Be in touch very soon… 🙂 ❤

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      2. Sounds good and have a great day! Also – Amy maranto posted a photograph of a BEAUTIFUL robin on twitter and i thought of you – I will drop by with the link later

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  4. Brilliant, and Starbucks is okay, I prefer Costa and even better an individual café rather than a big chain. I like chai latte very much. Thanks for the tag, I’m so pleased if I inspired you a little x:-)x


    1. Well thanks (again) the inspiration – never heard of costa – and not all individual cafes “deliver” – we learned that for sure… but some are great ☕️


  5. Love the conceptual photography rift! I have to say I am definitely not a Starbucks fan. I’ve never had a coffee in any of their branches that didn’t taste awful — though that’s true for all coffee chain stores, and quite a few independents too. I love my coffee and have a very clear idea of how it should be made and how it should taste. We bought an expresso machine and get really good locally roasted beans. Making my morning coffee is a ritual; part of welcoming the day. I don’t get the trend to bigger and bigger cups/drinks. Quality over quantity anytime!

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    1. Oh sue – thanks for the quality over quantity note- that has been a theme this month in a few areas.
      I also heard something special about using local items as much as possible – like honey and produce – but never heard of local beans.
      Or wait
      The “village roaster” in Lakewood Colorado roasts beans in house – and we used to know the owner (when we lived there in 90s) and she said Starbucks coffee was over roasted and burnt. I still remember that – she also said they made more money in their spices than they did on their coffee…
      And your morning routine sounds like a prefect way to start the day… ☀


  6. People don’t drink coffee, they drink sugar. Look up the grams of punches to your pancreas in those beverage concoctions. If Starbucks suddenly developed a conscience about the diabetes and Syndrome X situation and stopped using sweeteners altogether, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t be waiting in a long line at that place for your java anymore. The only true coffee lovers are the ones who take it black, the rest just like coffee-flavored desserts they don’t have to chew.

    Same with chocolate. If chocoholics are so addicted, how come they’re not nibbling on a square of unsweetened baker’s chocolate or stirring unsweetened cocoa into hot water? That would take that edge right off.

    When you stop eating sugar, you stop “craving” all that stuff. Trust me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – well you and I share similar views!
      I frequently mention the dangers of sugar on my blog(s) – and have taken skein heat for it – like someone followed up with a post “sugar, yes please!” – and that was when I was just starting to learn about the dangers.
      At that time I viewed sugar as a minus food – cos it is – and each time it is eaten – it requires nutrients to process – and when we eat sugar from fruit – it is carried with the fiber and phytonutrients that are in the enzyme loaded life giving fruit !
      But what we have going on is all this fructose ingestion with li toe to carry it.
      You are right about the pancreas too – but all organs impacted.
      And credible studies are now showing that the liver
      Yes the LIVER
      Is degenerated from fructose (especially HFCS- but more) and I really could go on and on.
      Like then consider that antibiotics wipe out all the good stuff in our gut and now we have sugar – or eat processed carbs which are perceived like sugar- and then candida turns from yeast form to the dangerous fungal form leading to candidiasis and leaky gut and then opens the door for “opportunistic infection”
      And recently I noted that at cancer treatment clinics they serve sugared cookies and crap! Give chemo and never tell folks about the sugar and fungal connection to cancer, immune suppression, and increased parasite burdens.

      I had another image I was going to add in this post/ it showed the size of the human bladder and then showed the sizes of sugar drinks – and well my main point here is actually with sarcasm about how drinks are getting bigger and bigger and it is stupid

      I have not heard about syndrome X and will look it up.
      And it took months for me to get off sugar – but I was highly motivated because I was sick (in 2014) and I used herbal cleanses and rich fats and proteins – and actually still rebuilding my terrain –
      And so when the lady who posted the sugar “yes please” mentioned sugar – I told her that anyone healing must get off it.
      It is a drug and drug counselors are now seeing that too-
      But it is minimized and then people are attacked or snickered at for saying anything bad about it.
      – the lesson I learned with sugar was that you don’t miss it when your body is satisfied with nutrients and good fats and proteins – when enzymes are right – they are the sparks of life – and when we are absorbing –
      We are not what we eat – we are what we absorb

      Oh wait – u are also right about the unsweetened cocoa powder – I do use that myself and it can make coffee come alive – with a tad of butter and dash of unsweetened almond milk….
      Thanks for your comment!!!


      1. I gravitated away from a raw vegan diet to a Low Carb High Fat Diet that is mostly carnivorous and about 80% of my annoying health problems evaporated. People don’t believe me but it’s not my job to convince them. My only job is to thrive and make them wonder.

        Instead of butter, I use extra heavy whipping cream in my coffee and two drops of vanilla extract. Starbucks can bite it.

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  7. Starbucks is too strong for me- I do like some of their frozen drinks -I am a big coffee drinker and LOVE my Keurig! I loved this post- it cracked me up with your niece- nothing like bonding over coffee 🙂

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    1. It was bonding – and the vibe inside Starbucks is so comforting and quaint. I also love to see their coffee mugs – crate&barrel make my fav coffee mugs / but some of Starbucks mugs over the years have been functional works of art for that are well made (cos as we know not all ceramic mugs are the same) – and I actually have a garden hoe from Starbucks in the 1990s! It came in a gift set….


    1. Hi thursdays child 😉
      Thanks for chiming in….
      And we have a new starbucks opening with a drive thru – one block from a smaller one (and the small older one has the coolest small patio that feels European) but my hubs and I were talking about how sales must be super good in that area to have two so close – whoa!
      Good point about organic – even tho I kind of feel like organic is not always what it is “assumed” to be – 😊


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