Sombrero Tower South Carolina South of the Border (Day 12 of 365 Days of ART)

This artsy tower Sombrero sits high in the sky in SC. Fort Pedro Fireworks, El Toro gas, Mexico Shop and motel.


When you drive on I-95, there are MANY ads for this “South of the Border” tourist attraction.

 I stopped there once – when my boys were little – and it was gross.  

However, we do like passing the giant ART sombrero tower.

It has become a “mile marker” to gauge where we are at with our trip.  

For example, my step-daughter just moved to Florida, with her awesome spouse, and my husband was on his way back from visiting with them and I texted him to see where he was it on the drive – He sent me this:


Then he sent me this Isaac gif (because last month we all watched some episodes of Love Boat and we are still cracking up at some of the scenes):










12 thoughts on “Sombrero Tower South Carolina South of the Border (Day 12 of 365 Days of ART)

    1. Well I watched it sometimes as a kid – but we were cracking up when we watched it because the employees of the ship mix with business with pleasure and then seeing so many famous oldies was fun….


  1. I have traveled past that landmark many times, always tempted to stop but never made the time to do so. I bet there are so many like us that talk about it fondly as a marker to where we are going to or coming from. Enjoy your time away.

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  2. Oh yes, this place is the land mark and I also used to tell where I am on the way to Fl. too although it does not mean it is close to Fl by any mean. It just tells it is about to leave NC state.

    I am always amazed by the number of their adds that were placed before reaching the place. Those adds make you think the place is such a great one but once you visit it , the place is just running down. I have not visited them anymore.


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