Anticipation- weekly photo challenge – DAY SPA in the works

Anticipation….. My nephew and his gf are having a day spa built – and with progress like this – well, you can tell that opening day is closer and closer.  One day at a time…. one touch up at a time…. almost there…. almost done.
I will share some photos later on when things are up and running…


And these are from Linda – she shared about 8 comics, but these were my top 3 to share (and they are linked to T’s weekly smile):


I remember when jeans were labeled as “slim” and husky” – do you remember that? Oh and then I remember when companies started to use psychology – like they would label a size 10 as their size 6….. or a medium was called a small. Well not sure why they did this – but do think it was at least ten years ago when sizes were all over the place and a size 8 was not the same and while sizes have always varied per company, it seems like about ten years ago when the size discrepancy was noticed. 
This comic is a little personal for me because my spouse and teen boys have a few splashes of bleach on some of their t-shirts (oops).  I am extra careful with their good clothes, but sometimes those towel loads get mixed. However, as much as I like a splash of bleach in laundry, I actually use bleach less and less these days – instead, I prefer to use all natural BORAX to boost the cleaning power. And speaking of spa stuff (in the above photos) did you know that BORAX is AMAZING for foot soaks.  Keep this in mind if you want some at home pampering (you know – if you cannot make it to the day spa). Try this foot soak once a week. Set up a small foot tub (Aldi’s currently has nice “foot soaker” tubs for 15 dollars – hint – gift idea!- and really now, every home should have a foot soaker – you are missing our if you do not – come on now – such a small item with many helps for wellness).  So set up the foot tub – or pan – and fill it with hot water, add a cup of borax (and dash of baking soda) and soak your feet for at least 30 minutes. Or up to an hour with adding some more hot water. Soaking the feet is relaxing, calming, and can detox.  Then add some olive oil for the final five minutes to replenish the skin. And on another day you can do a magnesium chloride foot soak to rebalance the body minerals too – I like lif-flo mag chloride – and if you do the magnesium foot soak I heard it is better to have tepid water and not super hot. And while you are doing this foot soak pampering – maybe you can make a lemon and sugar scrub and cover your face for a mild exfoliant…. ahhhh. And if you are feeling like you want a little more pampering – soak your hands in some warm baking soda water for 15 minutes and then apply some olive oil with an essential oil added – and push back those cuticles when done. And okay – maybe you could also make a small glass of lemon water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda added – it will alkalize the body in a balanced way (try it – it makes you feel so good).  And then you could add some pure lanolin to your lips (which is the best all natural way to deeply moisturize those lips). Grab a book to read (or get into your blog reader and skim) and see how you feel!! A little “day pampering” at home brings spa treatments to you and can make life a little better.  (SIDE NOTE – THE SUGGESTIONS HERE ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND THIS IS NOT MEANT TO TREAT OR DIAGNOSE IN ANY WAY – JUST SHARING WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME). Now back to Borax for a closing thought – When I had little babies – folks used to suggest I use BORAX for the laundry and I never knew why. Now I know it was suggested because BORAX is an all-natural mineral (tetraborate) that naturally cleans away grime – and it has nice healing properties for the body too.  It can be abrasive if overused on the skin – and so some folks who use BORAX (with baking soda) for skin ailments must use it with care if they use it for many days in a row. Anyhow, BORAX costs about $4.00 a box here in the States and it is a MUST HAVE product because it has so many uses. I also put a small amount in the dishwasher and it is a natural way to boost detergent.  It has garden helps too – but enough for one post… adios amigos.   

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And Chris, who also has a nice list of “anticipation” entries too, has featured a cool down view of folks

“waiting for something to happen in the pond at Blakeney Norfolk


*** This is a scheduled post and I will be back on 12-2o-16***







9 thoughts on “Anticipation- weekly photo challenge – DAY SPA in the works

  1. That is so cool that your nephew day spa is getting close to finish. Definitely, it can be rushed and just need to take it one thing at a time.

    Hmm, you have good loads of Borax usage. I have not thought of its benefits or usages for till now. Thank you for sharing.


  2. A spa at home? Cool -definitely something to look forward to. Thanks for the beauty tips, enjoyed the virtual self-pampering (too lazy to go for the real one :D) Thanks for the laughs especially the branch managers 😀 😀


  3. Wow, Y, what a fabulous spa it’s going to be. I’m just sure you’ll a big discount! I agree with you on the clothing sizes. When I was younger, I could walk in a store, buy items in my size and take them home without ever trying them on in the store. The new stuff is so confusing. Nothing fits. I hate trying on clothes anymore. Bring back the old standardization! And I agree with you on the Borax. If you live in a “flea zone” it’s also fabulous for putting on your carpets, letting it sit for a day, and then vacuuming it up. The little suckers eat the stuff and “poof” they’re gone! HA!


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