YOGA down dog canvas & comics (Day 13 of 365 Days of ART)

This yoga canvas art was at a cheap store in the mall…. It provides an example of the cheap and mass-produced canvas art that is everywhere today.  If you are interested in adding some yoga to your life in 2017, I would like to suggest you try out one of Adrienne Reed’s TV show workouts (HERE). Her classes changed my life for the better back in 2012-2013. Her videos showed me there was a style of yoga that “I” could enjoy (for many years I thought yoga was all about the pretzel contortions  – crazy fast flows- or was all this new age stuff… but there are MANY yoga options and it can be a great way to fortify your body, mind, and spirt).  So please think about giving it another try this coming year – it is also a great way to strengthen your body to prevent injury). Reed’s videos have won Telly awards and I love them because her sessions are short, succinct, and her teaching style is engaging. Also, Harmony yoga (HERE) has a style of yoga that many people love because there are no “pretzel” poses and the workouts are short, but effective. The main instructor is an Occupational Therapist and so I feel like some of her classes reflect her trade.  She talks about goals for a certain movement and she keeps you very safe as you do each pose. Harmony Yoga is located in Stamford, CT – but they have videos and a small investment in one can give you some options for home stretching.  Come on now –  a little bit of yoga can refresh and fortify you.
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7 thoughts on “YOGA down dog canvas & comics (Day 13 of 365 Days of ART)

  1. Wow, Yvette, is there anything you don’t know? I have learned so much from you!
    I bought a yoga mat a couple of months ago 😉 I have a question: I would like to buy one DVD that has balance and core in it, and hopefully is less than an hour, and is not very difficult, do you have any suggestion? Would that be the Harmony one? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi – I will be back Tuesday morning to reply better – and I have a sample to upload to my youtube channel and will link that then as well. have a good rest of the weekend – 🙂

      and PS I am still learning so much too – just like most of us here – and we all just have different things we have spent more time on, ya know


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    2. check out some of these videos on youtube HERE and here to sample REED’s work.
      I also do not really know which TV episode I would suggest – because they vary so much and I have not done them in years – but I do think that if you were going to get one DVD, the “yoga for athletes” won an award and it is done really well. It is not only for athletes – it is for anyone.

      The two opening warm ups (on power yoga for athletes) were my “go-to” for a while. one is 5 minutes and the other one is about 7 minutes – They are warm ups (mini workouts) you could do every day as a way to loosen up, get the lymph flowing, focus the mind, and release stress – (doing it too many times in a row can get a little boring – because I think we need variety during the seasons, but those two warm ups really allowed me to not skip yoga altogether. I also would then sometimes do the “cool down” and that gave me a nice – gentle – workout. I did do the core workout in the vid, but the other was more time friendly. ((then I started taking classes and that has been a different adventure))
      I only recently found Harmony yoga (in the summer – it airs on the Jewish Channel) and our house guest, who was brand new to yoga – LOVED it too.
      Harmony yoga is catered for beginners, and offers clear instruction for poses and moves at a nice pace. As noted, the main teacher is an OT and so I feel this background in some of her stretches – but she also keeps it fun – and is very comprehensive.

      After the holiday, I will try and upload some youtube snippets of both workouts so you can see what I am talking about.


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