Sunday Tree (with beauty to behold poem)


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“Sometimes life feels DRY



Yet even in winter’s cold-

there’s a place to perch

beauty to behold…

a quiet song to sing,

while doing our thing.”

y.prior 2016








23 thoughts on “Sunday Tree (with beauty to behold poem)

  1. I LOVE IT! Give in to those simple pleasures to get rid of the stress and worries. And perfect background pic as well. I must remember this post. 😀

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    1. Thanks so much Rommel – and this tree photo is from February – I walked by the tree weekly for about three months and every time I saw it – I thought it looked a bit odd….
      And LOVING your Japan posts these days 🌸😊


    1. Thanks natuurfreak….
      I took the photo last February.
      I was not stressed at the time (and I am. It even stressed this month – ha!)
      But when I look at that wired tree – those are the words that came to me.
      The tree is so unusual and has a weird look – anyhow – I was digging thru the archives and found it for the trees 266 week with b
      Have a nice day


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