Metal Rooster Lawn Art (Day 15 of 365 Days of ART) Art Cheer UP


This photo is a screenshot of the mobile phone wallpaper I had for a couple of days last spring. I am sharing it with this post to show you another way that I use ART to enrich my life – Art can cheer (or distract in a good way). One of our dogs passed away that month – and for the first few days following – I had our dog’s photo as my phone screen saver. However, it was feeling way too heavy and I needed to move through the coping process. I started looking for fresh beauty all around – and at one store, we enjoyed seeing all the fresh baby chicks (it was life-giving) and on the way out, this giant painted metal rooster made us smile. I took a photo and then for a few days this was my screen saver.  Made me smile every time – and hey – sometimes a little distraction can be a great help while in the throes of grief.  (cock-a-doodle-doo….)

Also, if you want to see some photos of a real rooster, BUSH BOY has some great ROOSTER photos HERE – the feathers he captured are amazing. 


Bush Boy also just got one of those new “blog domains” —… — Do you like these new domains?












13 thoughts on “Metal Rooster Lawn Art (Day 15 of 365 Days of ART) Art Cheer UP

    1. You know you are so rude that on your astute assessment amiga!
      He does have a snooty vibe – never realized it til now – but some farmer 👨‍🌾 would love this on their property – it was ginormous

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    1. Hi YC – I think the rooster would look good on the lawn of a big farmhouse with acres and acres- or could see it on a garden pack rat lawn – maybe with a wishing well and other garden art???

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    1. Hi Robin, some would say they are all on the same level – and I know some that would put creative expression in art “after” music or other forms – ya know?


  1. Beauty and fun can be found all around us. I’d say your metal rooster art holds well to that thought. Sorry to hear about the loss of your pup. Those faithful companions steal our hearts. I hope yours has mended well over time. Xo

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