Sally D’s Monday Mobile Photos B & W (big log by robert plant)

Today I have a literal mobile photo featured for Sally D’s mobile phone challenge.


Time for a little flashback today with a Robert Plant song – it is a song called Big Log HERE.

This song was rather special this fall.

When it came on one day in early October, a few of us were all talking about how we had not heard the song in years (maybe even decades). 

Then somebody was talking about the release date of the song – and they said it came out in “FALL” of 1983.  Now let me tell you that I am pretty good with knowing dates for a lot of 1980’s songs – it was just how my mind worked at the time.  More than artists or song names, I knew dates.  

And so with Big Log,  I happened to KNOW that it was “SUMMER” of 1983 (turns out it was July 1983 and I was right… wink) 

The reason I knew it was summer was because I remembered sitting on my front porch jamming to this song with Darren, a special friend who lived down the street. Darren and I never dated, but we shared a bond of friendship through conversation.  For a couple of summers, he and I were the only ones out at 1 and 2 a.m.  We’d sit on the porch and talk for a long time – while the music played – from one of those wooden cabinet FM radio stereo systems in the house – the kind with the record player:

do you remember these? We have come so far from FM radio (in stereo w/ wooden consoles) to on demand digital streaming.

I also remember leaning over that cabinet – adjusting the knobs – hearing a DJ remark that Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the moon” hit a ten year record sales (something like that) – funny how small memories linger. 

There is a part 2 to this “fall 2016 enjoying Big Log song”- and that story will be shared in an upcoming post… 

In the meantime, this is Linked to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.




13 thoughts on “Sally D’s Monday Mobile Photos B & W (big log by robert plant)

  1. You have a good memory for dates. I remember song dates pretty well, but I get confused sometimes. I “remember” hearing specific songs, before they were published. I guess my wires get crossed. I’m not familiar with this song, but I’ll give a listen today.

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    1. Oh funny your wires get crossed – and please let me know if you like it.
      This song is in my top 100 songs of all time – which is a huge deal for me- ha

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  2. That’s so cool Y – remember dates for songs! I dont even remember when we went for a holiday to X or Y place especially since my son left school. The ones during his school years are linked to his academic year 😀 Now they are all a mishmashed and disorganized – most annoying. But I do have a head for birthdays 😉 Although that seems to be fading fast as well 😦

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    1. Haha – mismashed and disorganized and annoying – bah.
      I feel similar with that for the last 15 years – but you might get some ext a points if you have birthdays down… that could be s gift – 😉

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    1. Thanks for chiming in – the dates of songs – which I used to associate with s certain month or season – ended for me after the 90s – partly because I changed my listening habits – but also life was different – and I might recall certain songs that were out and associate it with the ages of my children – it the actual “year” eludes me now…


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