Friday Food – Quiche on hand for visitors

Let’s start with a little snowball humor….


And now for today’s Friday Food post, 

Here is a photo of some Quiche I made earlier this week.



Whenever we have guests visiting with us, I like to make Quiche because it is easy to make, easy to reheat, and the ingredients fill people up with nutrients.  It is nice to have brownies or cookies out too, but when people are traveling, they need sustenance throughout the day.  And Quiche is one of those items that can be enjoyed at any time.  Also, I tell the guests that it is there just for them – and so if they do not feel like rummaging through your fridge, this is one easy thing they can grab and go.  

So…. here is what I do:

I buy pre-made crusts.  They usually come in packs of two, or you can buy the ones in the tin, which is even more convenient, but I like to make quiche in some nice cookware. 

And yes, yes, yes, P,  I “can” make my own homemade crust, nailed that down in the 1990’s.  However, I do not want to invest the time into the crust making activity.  Also, store-bought crusts have come a long way (IMHO).

I buy a bunch of eggs and different ingredients to put inside.

I like to make two different types of Quiche.

Maybe one with heavy meat and another with heavy veggies.  Or one with cheddar and bacon and the other with Swiss Cheese and ‘shrooms.

I also look for seasonal items to use – this usually means fresher and also could mean a nice price.

The photo of this week’s Quiche shows Swiss Cheese & ‘Shrooms  and then I added white meat.  The top Quiche has fresh salsa, meat, cheese, etc.

Quiche Directions:

Pre-heat the oven.

Partially cook the crusts for about 10-12 minutes. This speeds up the cooking time and prevents a soggy crust. 

Beat 12 eggs in a large bowl.

(The number of eggs depends on “how” many other ingredients are added in. depends the size of the eggs, size of the dish, etc.)

Set out ingredients to mix in (i.e. bits of meat, tomatoes, chunks of cheese, dash of sour cream, yogurt, etc.).

Mix the eggs and ingredients together.

Take out pie crusts (after they have lightly pre-cooked a bit) and pour the egg mixture over the crust. 

Don’t overfill the dish or you will have spillage.


Layer a few more goodies on top.

In the above Quiche, I topped with slim layers of Swiss Cheese, mushrooms, and chunks of a soft white cheese (meat was already in mixture).

Optional for topping:  Beat a single egg, add in some parm cheese and then pour that over as a final top layer.

Bake 30 to 35 minutes (depending on the dish – glassware takes longer).

If you take a piece of foil and “tent it” it can provide a little cover while allowing it too bake throughout.

May serve warm from oven or can chill and reheat later.  

Quiche stays fresh for a few days in the fridge, but it can also be cut into slices and frozen.









21 thoughts on “Friday Food – Quiche on hand for visitors

  1. It does look like a lovely quiche that you made there, Y. Very kind of you to make them for your guests when they are dropping by. So hospitable. I’m not a big fan of quiche, though…I really am not :”D Not a fan of the taste and texture – texture especially because I am not a huge fan of mushy food. But that said, I am sure you make an excellent quiche and maybe I will change my mind if I try yours x

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    1. Oh you are so kind – and actually – my quiche comes out different every time! It really does – and so you might like a few of them (the non mushy ones- 😉 )
      But the ingredients change the outcome and so do the actual eggs – so it is always a bit different – but nice to have on hand – we also have stuff to make sandwiches and then plenty of fruit – that was guests have easy stuff …


      1. That is so informative, that each quiche is different. No wonder you enjoy making and eating them 😉 Sounds like with each season, your quiches come out different 😀 Happy holidays, Y. It has been a pleasure chatting with you this year x

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        1. Hi M- a pleasure chatting with you too – but actually – thanks for completely inspiring me in October !
          You have a very special place in my life timeline this year (bows with a thanks of gratefulness to you)
          And quiche is cool
          Because people can make it their own – my spouse will add Sriracha and extra cheese maybe – and I might remove crust.
          But one thing for sure is it can get old after a while so I guess it is good that it comes out different – depending on how you whip the eggs – the type of eggs – the ingredients – etc.
          Oh and never read the book – but sometimes folks will mention it when they see quiche – but there is some book called “real men don’t eat quiche and women don’t pump gas”
          Hmm ???


        2. “You have a very special place in my life timeline this year” You flatter me, Y. Thanks. But likewise to you too and I cannot be more greatful for our connection.

          Keep making those quiches as you please. With different type of eggs each season and how much you are willing to whip those eggs each time round, it sounds like one big experiment 🙂

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  2. Oh poor snowball – exactly like me 😦 😉 I have never had quiche – looks yummy though. Is it something like pizza?


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