Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature (journaling and looking up)

While enjoying some java this morning, I was inspired from Amy’s blog (here) because her iPhone nature post reminded me of a photo I took out in the yard last weekend.

Take a look at this- isn’t this beautiful to look up and see?  The leftover Crepe Myrtle buds and a nest (a nest that we never noticed during the summer and fall).

So using my iPhone, I was able to capture the beauty in a snap.  Check out Amy’s post because she also has some charts with stats about iPhone usage.



Amy also talked about the unusually warm holiday weather she had in Texas – and even though we had some frigid days in our area during December, by the end of the month – I was able to sit back in the yard again and journal with my java.

Did you know that my journaling time outside is something that really enriches my life.  I know that journaling is not for everyone, but if you are looking for some wellness tips for the coming year – a little daily free writing can be a great exercise.

I prefer to journal early in the day, esp. in summer, and in the winter the afternoon is better. Those few (10 to 30) minutes of journaling in the yard does something really great for me. I also read a few verses and sometimes stretch.  I can skip this activity for a while – and actually NEED some breaks – but if too many days (or weeks) go by I feel the effects and resume again.  My dog misses our time out there too and we both have a flexible routine we enjoy.  I used to only journal outdoors in the summer, but the last few years (after learning about vitamin D synthesis) has me sitting outside whenever possible.  Sometimes I have a hoodie and small blanket, I’ll light the fire pit, or I have to scurry in because it is too chilly – but it is such a small thing that really helps me focus my day.

And on some days — the simple beauty of “nature” enriches my life – as this iPhone photo shows.

Hope you have a great day 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature (journaling and looking up)

  1. Your description of your devotion to journaling and your enjoyment of nature are an apt beginning for the new year. Your image shows the wonders of what can be revealed–the unseen becomes the seen. And the delicacy of the tree’s branches and berries (?) are captivating. Happy New Year and Happy Photo Challenge.

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    1. Thanks sally – those do look like berries but they are the leftover buds of the small crepe Myrtis blooms – 😉
      And thx for the nice comment – cheers to 2017!


  2. Lovely post Yvette. I lost my journaling habit a while ago, but have been thinking how much I miss that time. Your post has reminded me of all that I enjoyed and inspired me to begin again. Thank you 😃

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    1. Oh my pleasure – and I have taken some long breaks from journaling – but only a few times in my decades (gulp) on this earth!
      I also know I prefer spiral bound books.
      And I thought about writing a post about some blog posts that inspired me his year – and I think I might just do it – because sometimes things shared via blog really do stick with us – like Sadie and the bench prompt a couple years ago – she said she would sit and talk with her mom and apologize for being such a b.
      Anyhow – earlier this year – you wrote about when you were younger and kinda lacked empathy – and how now you have it . This helped me while working with teens over the summer and fall – poignant reminded that much empathy is learned and how younger people don’t mean to “diss” so many folks – sometimes it just happens from life stage – ….


    1. That’s a good idea to roll up the sleeves – and I have heard some folks say the winter sun is not as strong as the summer one and so the vitamin D synthesis is way lower – but maybe the sun can cheer us in other ways too – just by Ben f out and in the air – ya know – 😉

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      1. Yes / there is that preservation part. And I also find that paper and pen help me to explore in more ways than thinking alone – especially if I am problem solving and I have time to write and write / by the 5th page I usually have insight

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  3. A great post, Yvette; journaling is so good for whatever ails! I used to journal my dreams, many years past; they revealed a great deal to me about my secret wishes… 😉 😉
    Love the nest. We’ve had a couple of pairs of spotted doves building nests and raring their young this past Spring/Summer. The first couple’s chicks were taken by a predator, but we think the second pair survived. Such fun to watch life unfolding in one’s backyard… 🙂

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    1. Oh that is fun to watch – and I know it is the cycle of life – but it is hard to watch the predators claim their stake (steak)
      And journaling is not for everyone – and for my spouse – not so much! just like you noted your partner likes fiction whereas you don’t – my husband would get nothing from journaling at all – years ago he used to keep a yearly assessment sheet / where he assessed areas and planned stuff – but journaling is one of my favorite things – 😉 and your dreams sound like they made for some interesting content

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  4. That’s a good idea to roll up the sleeves – and I have heard some folks say the winter sun is not as strong as the summer one and so the vitamin D synthesis is way lower – but maybe the sun can cheer us in other ways too – just by Ben f out and in the air – ya know – 😉 Well I have seen some of yours- and I love them – 😉
    And thanks for dropped by by

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