Friday Food – Pizza (and goodbelly probiotic limeade)


Happy Friday Everyone.

The above pizza was delicious. A little too much crust for me personally – but when we were at Whole Foods they only had a few pies available.  The pizza guy offered to make us any type that we wanted – to serve even by the slice (great customer service) –  but we did not want to wait.

Notice the drink?  I do not have any affiliate links here and so this is just to share about a cool new drink.

Goodbelly limeade was on sale so we tried it- well wait – I also tried it because it had no added sugar and almost no sugar.  (I am not anti-sugar, but I cannot have very much of it – I can have “some” compared to none before….) – It is so tough to find beverages that do not have loads of sugar. Most have 18 grams or more of sugar per serving.  Some have 30 or 40 grams- argh.

The Goodbelly limeade was not only all natural and low (with almost no) sugar, but this company also had the brilliant idea of adding in a mix of probiotics.

The different probiotics are like sending in the special armed forces into your digestive track.

I have been drinking kefir for a while now, which is great with 12 strains of probiotics. However, sometimes I want something different and this limeade was a nice alternative – which was also a dense probiotic drink.

It went really well with pizza. Not as good as an ice-cold beer would have been – but hey – sometimes we need to get in some good flora…..



I am not going to host Friday Food as a challenge anymore, but I will still share some Friday Food posts once in a while.



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12 thoughts on “Friday Food – Pizza (and goodbelly probiotic limeade)

    1. Well I can guess what you drank and mmm and mmm to that Judy- hah!
      And the good belly one we had was the limeade – they had a few other kinds like a berry one and I think lemonade- but it was awesome – like homemade

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    1. Thanks Dawn. For so long I would sit there while folks had soda or coffee – and while I love coffee and tea – sometimes can’t down anymore in a day- and so I always wished I could order a beverage that had some health benefits – and smoothies might have fruit – but they are loaded with sugar – anyhow –
      Now I have more and more options to have drinks that also have a big nutritional kick. And if you had not had kefir yet – a couple ounces on an empty stomach had huge perks.

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  1. Long live kefir! I haven’t seen the limeade, but I like limeade overall, and if I find some, I’ll try it fersure!


    1. not everyone likes limeade for the sourness, but this one was not too sour – quite smooth and it had a dollar off coupon sealed to the side – and so that was enough for me to try. 🙂

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