Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word January

emerald (glow)
Β permeated (Williamsburg, Virginia)
wholesome (oranges and lemon with vitamin c powder – in blender waiting for water to then mix)


To see how more folks have used the word options for this week, or to join in, check out Lost in Translation HERE.






26 thoughts on “Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word January

    1. Thanks, Sue. Sarah has a nice little style throughout her home and she has this enormous antique set in her DR – and this single play adorns the long table – and after our visit – we kept having small talk and ended up sitting there talking – the afternoon sun was setting and the glass dish looked prettier than ever….

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      1. I originally thought it was a giant lily pad. I’ve seen some in a pond here in Auckland — they are like very large circular plates a foot or more across, and have similar patterning. πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. well maybe this dish was inspired exactly by the lily pad you mention – and I actually have a photo with lily pads scheduled for tomorrow – well it has distant lily pads – but the one you talk about sounds pretty amazing.

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  1. πŸ™‚ That bridge shot made me go WOW. I love your limpid too, your daily vitamin dose, your emerald is so fresh, and I have been engorging all weekend so one more plate of chicken (?) will do no harm. πŸ˜† I love when you play with me. Thank you, Yvette. May your whole year be wholesome and happy!

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    1. Thanks, Paula. And that is chicken, but I cannot
      Recall when I had it – lol – found the photo from a SC Trip so it must have been good –
      And I’ll share only if you give me some of those blueberries you featured – still drooling 🀀
      And may your year be great too – cheers 🌈


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