Thursday Doors – Marble trim with an Asian Screen


Time for Thursday doors (check out Norm’s blog to join in or see other doors from around the world).

The marble trim is grand and the beautiful wood Asian screen gives some privacy to the inner room without having to shut the white wooden doors.

And do you see the orange chair?  That is one of the places where you can have a full course meal – we usually prefer a table, but on this night we opted for the orange chairs.  There are a lot of “comfy” seating options – like see the guy to the left – he is dining while sitting on an ottoman.





comic for Dan – because he loves his charts! and makes some good ones.  fun when we think of our blog pals….








18 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Marble trim with an Asian Screen

    1. Hi G – and Grand is a perfect word for it…
      thanks for dropping by – and glad I gave you a little smile.

      and you know, I always enjoy the hand selected comics you add to your posts…. such a nice touch.

      have a nice day

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      1. Well – humor played a big part in the morale of the military, so it seemed logical – plus I wanted to have something included for those who can not handle reading military information on a regular basis.

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  1. What an elegant entracne. That’s simply beautiful. I like the cartoons. I did once draw a map of life for my wife, with an arrow pointing to the “bright side” (one of the smaller sides).

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  2. Beautiful background you focused on! If I had the chance I would choose the comfort of the orange chair! The vegan chair made me laugh – in food I might not be difficult, but in other areas ….my kids say opinionated:)

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