Gracefull Basketball shot

The weekly photo challenge this week is graceful (here), and so to join in, here are two shots I took at my son’s game on January 18th, 2017.  He really is a graceful player and I think these two photos show a bit of the action atmosphere and his smoothness.





Goodnight…. shhhhh








22 thoughts on “Gracefull Basketball shot

    1. well my other comment disappeared in the air….
      and that has not really come up – but college playing has been discussed on and off for a little while.
      but super nice to enjoy this current year…

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      1. Well he has een playing so many years – this actually was not too exciting – he is my baby and this is his last year playing – always enjoy watching him – and he does not get rattled … but I went from taking too many pics years ago to then having to make sure I still get some… ya know?

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      2. yes – and we are grateful for sports – and we started them young because it was good exercise and healthy socializing (ok – we did tons of sports all year long as the kids grew) but a big aim of ours was to not have our kids be defined by their athleticism- or their talents.
        This particular son has some other gifted areas too, and our biggest goal was to make sure the kids stayed “grounded and well rounded” and then figured out what that meant for our family… I am sure you know what I mean….

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      3. You are so nicely grounded and it shows in not letting your kids be defined by their “athleticism”. As parents it is so important to help open all the doors and windows of our children’s minds so they become healthy and as you so nicely note “grounded and well rounded”. Parenting is not for the weak, lol.

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