Walk with Jo: Mom’s Siam Carytown (Day 54 of 365 Days of Art)

It is time for my January walk with Restless Jo.

Please join me as we take a short walk on Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia.

First, the restaurant we wanted to eat at had an hour wait – so we decided to go to Mom’s Siam.

On the way there, with a light mist starting and stopping, we saw two street musicians. Their music was so-so (sometimes it is good).


Walking along some more, we saw a bright yellow bike.


Then we saw lights along a curved fence.  It seems like this next establishment has been a different restaurant every year. We have never eaten at any of them.


This is where we had Thai Food – Mom’s Siam.


We like sitting on the patio here. For the first couple of years that Mom’s Siam was open, they were down the street in a smaller unit.  They then upgraded to this corner lot – and now have a highly coveted patio (rare for the Fan District area).

The patio was closed because of the rain, which is fine.  The whole reason I started to LOVE sitting on patios was because when we first moved to Virginia, this state still allowed cigarette smoking indoors.  It was so frustrating.  For a little while I had some sort of allergy to second-hand smoke.  My throat would close up if I was around it for any length of time.   I hated complaining – really hated it – and I tried not to be rude – but did you know that I am no longer allergic?  I still don’t prefer to be around second-hand smoke, but it does not make me ill anymore and so I can be around it if I need to be.  That is a very good thing. A lot of my family smokes so when I visit up North it is nice to be able to be around it if needed.

Well we were so glad when the Commonwealth (Virginia) finally joined the rest of the world and banned indoor smoking in public eateries.

And now many patios are nice spot for smokers to go, like this guy.    And if you look through the door windows  – you can see the iconic Byrd Theatre on Cary Street.


The food at Mom’s Siam in 2017 was “OK” – I give my dish  a C (spouse gave his a B-).  I think this restaurant was better from 2003 through 2007. And the draft beer (his Fat Tire and my Vienna Lager from DB) was not as fresh as draft craft beer should be.  I did not even finish mine. If there is a next time, we will order “bottles” at places like this. Maybe we are spoiled by the fresh lines at Capital Ale House….

Here is some art from Mom’s Siam: A patio sign, one of the watercolors they had hanging – and a nice photograph of possibly Mom Siam herself??


This art is for Day #54 of the 365 Days of Art.

Walking around inside of Mom’s Siam – there is more art and stairs to another level.


After dinner, we walked a little more and looked up to see a heart shape in an old tree:


And then we saw this stately pillared entrance – A typical old home around Cary Street – and this one had the bold “beware of dog” sign. Can you see the dog in the window? Very fun.



Well that is all for my January Walk with the WONDERFUL Restless Jo. 

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Jo starts her post off with:

“I do like to have a bit of fun on a walk, and for me that invariably means water.  When the guide book says that the river might not be fordable after heavy rainfall, I picture great torrents.  But this is, after all, the Algarve, and the prospect of being swept away downstream is not huge.  The only way to find out is to follow the trail and see.”

and she ends with:

This walk features at page 100 of the Walking Trails in the Algarve, where you will find a map and details.  Time to put the kettle on?

Well Jo, is that kettle ready?









28 thoughts on “Walk with Jo: Mom’s Siam Carytown (Day 54 of 365 Days of Art)

    1. yes- yes – and yes –
      and to be honest – I might not have noticed years ago – but I have come to notice – and when you only have one – like me – well it needs to be as fresh as possible,…

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  1. prior… this was wonderful! The way you talked through your walk, the photos, all made me feel like I was really there. I especially liked the photos of Mom Siam and inside Mom Siam, and also the first photos of the street musicians. Wonderful!

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  2. Kettle’s always on in our house, Yvette 🙂 🙂 Sorry I took my sweet time getting here! I was watching tennis all morning (remember my old friend Rafa? 🙂 ) and then pushed myself to go to t’ai chi. I hadn’t been this week because of my silly cough and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Back now and it’s time to cook but not before you and I take a walk. I love the yellow bike shot and the decor in Mom Siam’s looks like it might be better than the food? Love the notion that that portrait is the good lady. 🙂 We have a very fine Chinese cum Japanese restaurant in Tavira. Wishing I was back there for supper 🙂 Many thanks for the link!

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  3. The Mom’s Siam place look very good. It’s too bad the food rating only B or C. I also like taking pictures inside restaurant too. Keep your experience of the place a little longer 🙂 Very nice tree pictures (great rendering choice – B&W).

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        1. same here. but we just had a place open up that is also nicely priced.
          do you have any Korean food suggestions – like I am not even sure what they are noted for-

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        2. Unfortunately, I do not remember or know the names of the plate. I go by the pictures or what they put into 🙂 I am not sure you eat meat or not but if you do then try to see if the restaurant has grills in the middle of the table that you can grill yourself. I think that is fun. Some do not have such grills at the table but do offer grilling back in the kitchen for you for the same kind but that is less fun.

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        3. oh – thanks – and we have some Japanese places that have the grilling right at your table… a little pricey – but nice to splurge for special occasions- but have not been in long long time…

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