What Pegman Saw in BUFFALO, NEW YORK

I was about to start my short break from blog posting, but while doing some blog clean up this morning, I realized my suggested location of Buffalo, NY was featured at What Pegman Saw (here).  So I had to join in…



“Visiting the Old Property”

Can’t we just go to the place that has the fish fry down on Genesee Street?

Yeah, but hold on honey. I need a minute to look around. This is where your Great Great Grandfather built his first home. It’s part of our history.

I’m a little scared mom….


Don’t be. It’s pretty safe during the day.


Come here. See this spot? The garage was here and the large porch was over there. I can see my brothers sitting right there.

I know – and the old Buffalo house had eight bedrooms and a curled wooden staircase.


Exactly son. But did you also know they had a plum tree in the yard?

And that tree had the most amazing, juicy, purple-blue fruits that melted – 


I think the tree is still back there.

And it has plums, mom.

Ripe ones!


Go get dad. Tell him to bring a bag.


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If you want to join in, have a location to suggest, or would like to see other entries: here is the info:

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40 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw in BUFFALO, NEW YORK

    1. Hi – yes – – thanks for asking – and this is all fiction – but there was a leftover plum tree on our relatives cleared property a few streets over from Pegman’s choice for Google images.

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  1. So well done. Wow, so creative. I know that area well and in days gone by it was so alive as I remember visiting my Uncle and his family. Now its no longer like then… the “hood” is one to stay away from at night and many a truthful tale has been shared with me by the children I cared for.

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    1. thanks…. and i keep forgetting you know this area too.
      and actually- some would say the daytime is a little unsafe too.
      I have not been near Genesee Street – or near the city – for many years. But back in the 20s through maybe 60s – Buffalo was a place that had a lot to offer.

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      1. So much to offer. As a young boy growing up in Tupper Lake we made the yearly pilgrimage there to visit family and the joy is still in my thoughts. The area was Hawley Street and we have gone back a few times to see how time has fashioned it. The streets no longer invite the excitement they once emitted. Its best you hold the memories of Genesee Street and not the nightmare it is today.

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      2. Hi – well genesee was not really where I had too many memories – but in 2002 we were treated to the most fish fry way down on genesee – I only picked this setting because it tied in with the photo prompt.

        and your memories sound awesome and I like how you said ” to see how time has fashioned it.

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  2. We spent 2 years in Lockport, the 2 mildest winters that they had seen in years. We were prepared for the lake effect snow…almost disappointed when it didn’t happen. almost…


    1. alicia- thanks so much for your comment- it means I was successful in portraying that he had heard it many times… I wanted to include “rolling his eyes…” – and well, the word count limits options – so I really appreciate your comment.


    1. ha! they take your money indeed-
      and could go for a plum right now – but have not seen any in a while. However, tomatoes have been a dollar a bag and so we have been making tons of fresh salsa all month – 🙂

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  3. I haven’t seen this kind of post! It is so cool how a plum tree was worked into the imagined conversation. Hope you are able to have a wonderful break. 🙂 I try this and then the job of blogging and real job compete with being behind. . .

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    1. well thanks for reading…
      and the idea was actually inspired by the image that was chosen – they chose genesee and urban street – but if they chose the waterfront I would have had a much different story – like maybe jumping off of the gran elevators- or if the photo was near orchard park – I would have mentioned the Buffalo Bills or maybe wings…
      have a nice day 🙂


  4. Was there for December blizzard 1985. Downtown looked like a pretty depressed area full of empty stores. Rust Belt decline ? Has it improved ? I did the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life in Buffalo. I walked into the Flamingo Bar wearing my Miami Dolphins jersey. Lucky to be alive.

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    1. Ok – so you hit the nail on the head with the rust belt decline – and it is not as bad as detroit – but quite grim. Especially in certain areas in western new york.

      and laughing at the miami dolphins jersey.
      I grew up thinking that Dan Marino’s name was “Damn Marino” or “Damn f****** Marino” because when he led the Dolphins the Bills always took a beating. and so omg to wearing that jersey up there. I wonder of the flamingo Bar was on Elmwood (art district?)


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