Weekly Photo Challenge- Solitude

This figurine is actually small – but at this angle it looks large. I will share another version of it later in an art post, but for now here it is at this angle. Β I bought this when we were on a mini vacation in San Luis Obispo, CA – back in 2002. The small iron sculpture was personal for me – with a reminder to stay strong and poised (and to stop slouching…. ha!). The painting in back is one of my most favorite paintings…. it is more than 40 years old…. and the boater has a solitude vibe….
Solitude vibe…. (image taken January 2017)

If you want to join in the WPC or if you would like to see more – go HERE.









46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Solitude

  1. I like the kind of solitude in the painting… it feels positive, fulfilling, not at all a sign of despair, but rather a conscious choice. And the figurine is a nice symbol of individual strength. Great choice πŸ™‚

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      1. hey thanks – and I know you cannot really tell from the lighting in the photo, but I think it is a lady in the painting – I will share a detailed photo later – I think she is Hawaiian. πŸ™‚

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  2. The solitude on a body of water for me is often one of spiritual renewal.
    I really like the figurine, Yvette. I am grateful you described it’s material, since it looks like burnished red wood. . . Beautiful composition and choices!


  3. Super selection Y. The figurine is intriguing – look forward to seeing it better later. The painting is nice too but more than the boatman, I felt the tree gave out stronger vibes of solitude. At the edge of the cliff, as far from the madding crowd as possible. πŸ™‚ The second photo underscores solitude in company – nice πŸ™‚

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    1. well thanks and what you viewed here is so interesting. I actually have this set up on a table just like this – with one more small art piece to the left and an artsy lamp. my first shot of the figuring was without the painting included, but the texture caught and light seemed to have something different – and I keep seeing more – like the cliff and stuff you noted (so fun to break things down sometimes….)

      and here is the figurine showing the hint of dark aqua color on the metal:

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