Friday Fictioneers’ Chair in Water

Hello everyone, I wrote this Friday Fictioneers’ piece last week and wanted to share it today.  If you want to read more short fiction pieces or join in, go here.

This chair photo from Ted Strutz is the prompt:


Sitting with Feet in the Water

I just wanted to get out and feel the water.

Is that so hard to understand?



No boat, no kayak, no folding chairs.

Water was calling me.

Not to walk through or wade, but to sit!


Feet in water…

I stormed into the kitchen

Grabbed a wooden chair

lugged it

dragged it

brought it through the bog

adjusted it

positioned it

set it up just so


plopped down



soaked up fresh air

feet flooded with water


The chair might be ruined

But I needed to get out and feel that water.

I know many of you understand.


wordcount: 99


The photo for this week reminded me of an old photo from Nina Leen:


This is the photo I had in my archives (someone gave me this in Arvada, CO in 1994). Nina Leen 1945: Santa Lucia Mountain Range between Carmel and San Simeon, California
Here is a different version of the same photo…..


Have you ever taken a photo of a chair out in nature?








52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers’ Chair in Water

      1. Yes, lets make 2017 great by letting creativity flow…. I have been meaning to ask your thoughts on Thomas Cole. I first encountered his series “The Voyage Of Life” at a art gallery in Utica, NY. It so captivated me that I visited daily. Years latter it continued to come to mind and I tracked it to the Metropolitan Museum. I called and they had it tucked away. As I talked the lady invited me down to view it. It was wonderful. Can you sometime elaborate on his technique?

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        1. well thanks very much and consider this now included in the 365 Days of Art!
          and maybe you can contribute to the post I do on it? Next month would work – so let me know if you are in for sharing a bit….

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  1. I’ve not taken any photo of a chair in nature. I guess people do not think chair belong out in nature (unless it was broken and dumped).

    I used to like sticking my feet in the water while sitting on edge near water (e.g. pool, etc.) and kicked.

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    1. that was exactly how it happened for me – I told R that I was “out” this week – and then an idea came right after that. Looking forward to seeing your idea…..


    1. I know…. and maybe it was staged just for the photo.
      or their grandfather likes to flyfish but cannot stand more than ten minutes at a time….


  2. I haven’t but I do now feel the urge to do so 🙂 🙂 That old photo is the most beautiful thing, Yvette, both in sepia and black and white.
    How are you feeling now? A rough week!

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    1. Hi Jo, thanks for the feedback – and yes, very rough week last week and some hard days this week. Glad to have a schedule to get a little lost in – that helps to process. (and thansk for asking) – and hope you are having a nice week. xxo

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  3. I have found random chairs in unusual places on our various hiking excursions … and they always piqued my curiosity. I’ve also been known to drag a chair into the water much like this one for the very same reason as your story 🙂

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    1. oh that is so fun, Joanne. Even though I do not mind walking and wading in the water – but I wondered if someone brought that chair out there just to rest and dangle their feet.

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      1. No. But I did a collaboration with an Irish blogger. I put words to his picture of a chair and he put word to my picture of curtains …

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    1. thanks S – and actually it is fiction – so I was imagiingg someone else enjoying it a lot – I am not sure dangling my feet in water would do quite this much for me – although fun I am sure – but I have learned that a reason people use pen names fro writing might be so that they can write fiction without it being attributed to them – does that make sense?


  4. The second rendition of the first landscape/setup is my favorite. It has an inkling of hope of the unexpected in it! Thanks for posting Yvette!

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