Art Digest #5: Valentine’s Day (Days 72-75 of 365 days of Art)

Hello everyone.

I found some art to share for the lovely Valentine’s Day….

Tuesday 2-14-17 DAY 72

Let’s start off with a piece from Jackson Pollock. Most of us think of him with drip art, but did you know he did sculpture and painted very diverse pieces.  This next oil painting is called Teacup – and he painted it in 1946.  It has so much to soak up.

Teacup, 1946 more here

Wednesday 2-15-17  DAY 73

Here is an O’Keeffe that has a Valentine’s Day vibe to me….


Thursday 2-16-17  DAY 74


Linked to N’s texture
Now you cat lover’s out there would maybe change dog to cat… and so the next image (from bernadette) is for the cat lover’s….

FRIDAY 2-17-17  DAY 75 Three Featured Artists


Featured artist blogger #1: Bernadette (here) has a fun signature style.  Here is one of her cats….


Bernadette is also quite the encourager and she writes this on her about page:

“Everybody, I mean Everybody, can draw…

It’s all about scale.

Go ahead, try it. Take a piece of paper and draw a big circle. Now draw a circle half the size. Then another one half that size. Does your circle get better as you draw it smaller? Keep going… until you have 6 or seven circles.

Now try this same exercise with the letter S, or the letter A.

Drawing is really just doodling at the right scale. I learned to draw from the Ed Emberley Make a World books, and I have to say, the man is a genius. His books show you how to create animals, and houses, and cars, with no more than circles, squares, triangles and letters.

But for years I didn’t realize that it’s all about scale.”

 more here.

Featured photographer artist blogger #2: Paul Militaru 

 I want to be very careful before I start featuring blogging photographers – because I follow so many wonderful photographer artists it would take me two years to share even half of them…. however, Paul Militaru (here) shared this image of a rose stem and it reminded me of the duality with love – and seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day – what do you think?

Copyright © 2017.Paul Militaru. All Rights Reserved.

Featured artist blogger #3: Kaddi from Beasty Art

Kaddi (here) is the very first artist blogger that I brought into the classroom with me.  A while ago, I used two of her paintings to discuss the negatives of fighting (old post is here).  I was working at a private school and one of the students transferred in because he was fighting at his local public school.  I used two of Kaddi’s pieces to give a mini workshop on how fighting is never a good option.  She has so much originality and lately she has been doing more digital pieces. She also has a photo showing her pink hair – so I included the photo for the V-day digest….

This is called Obsession… and she made this design with ink (oh the patience).



Wishing you a nice week. 


And wait – I almost forgot- I have some chocolate to share.  Please only take one so we have enough to go around  (and I call the dark chocolate one on the top right….)











37 thoughts on “Art Digest #5: Valentine’s Day (Days 72-75 of 365 days of Art)

  1. I call the chocolate on the top left, I think it is a chocolate covered cherry – yummy. Pollock is a bit abstract but this piece looks interesting. The pieces by Militaru, Kaddi and Bernadette are warming. Happy Valentines Day to you and the family. Oh, and thanks for the chocolate. “Did ya know, life is like a box of chocolates”, lol.

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    1. ha- the red foil one is all yours – 🙂
      and I chose this TEACUP piece from Pollock for V-day because I thought it fit nicely with maybe some Valentine’s Day tea.
      Some suggest that we are looking down on a lovely tea gathering – with nice bright colors – some curves and those Cubist angular lines – might reflect how he was feeling as he had just gotten married to Lee Krasner the year before – and she helped him find his groove with his art – and this was one of the final pieces he made like this before moving into drip art (action painting)….
      oh – and thx for the nice quote from Gump – it is one of those quotes that never gets old for me and brought a smile…

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      1. We’ll take the “red foil” one for sure. Good choice on the Pollock. He seemed like a very deep individual or at least his bio seemed to imply this as did the movie? It is great to know that Lee had such a strong influence in his life, (as most women do). Wasn’t that a great movie. Glad we made you smile.

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        1. yes – his bio was a great movie (assuming we saw the same one) and have you ever heard the audio recording from Lee? she talks about his emerging into drip art…. and other things.

          and yes – “very deep” is a good description – but I also think of him as “unsettled” and with the “complex creative spirit” that can be hard to quiet….

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        2. Yes, this is a great way to describe him… unsettled, complex spirit… He had such passion and it exuded in his works. We are learning this about artist in that they have passion and it comes out in their works for all to enjoy. Gotta say I envy those with such gifts.

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        3. well I bet he had no idea that his drip art canvasses would become such collectible items. And I feel sorry for those with the extra creative and unsettled sides – because they can have a lot of frustration and angst. blah.
          but then again – we all have to grind out our own contentment, eh?

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    1. thanks so much Miss G – blog part starts in a few days – have a few more posts first – and glad you liked the chocolate – nice to share xxooo

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day..

    Oh yes, the first picture needs some soak time 🙂 I like it though. Actually, I like every piece of artwork here (pictures included). Talking about scale, I think that is also true for many other things too.

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    1. thanks YC – and you are right about the scale for other areas – and I heard that the teacup painting is one of Pollock’s smallest paintings (approx 16 inches by 11 inches) and it is as if we are looking down on a tea party – a good time, perhaps?

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  3. A rich post Y! The Teacup definitely is eye catching and I soaked up a lot of stuff – animals, eyes ludo board and everything but a teacup! I found the maple painting a bit eerie and sinister. But I loved Tummy Love and Paul’s photo – like true love. And Obsessions was truly amazing and like you said what patience. Thanks but no thanks for the chocolate – I am on a diet 😉 😀

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    1. thanks for your feedback…. and so you did not care for O’Keeffe’s Maple – well keep in mind that she painted stuff like this ata time when folks could not see close-ups of the inside of flowers. So her macro images were like zooming in on tiny beauty missed by many. and so the plant anatomy was missed by most and her work showed everyday people what only botanists and photographers often saw – she gave us these large versions – with her artsy flair….
      but not everyone’s cup of tea for sure…
      and speaking of that – I might be stretching it here – but in the upper right – do you see that circle? That might be a down view of the teacup and a spoon – and then in the middle – below the heart – we have the circle that is the down view of the creamer bowl??
      and other little circles are down views of the cups sectioned at the table? maybe??
      and you can pass on the chocolate, we were running low anyway – bah! next time I will serve fresh fruit and you can join in – can you bring your milky tea with those cool tea cups??

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      1. I did manage to catch a glimpse of the cup (thanks to your persistence) though I am still not sure where I am supposed to drink from 😉 I wont say I didnt Like Maple – in fact it is quite hypnotizing as if the tendrils will reach out any minute and encircle me – i really am getting fanciful in my old age 😀 Fruits are cool – my new passion and obsession. Milky tea coming right up 😀 Cheers!

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        1. thanks for the milky frothy tea….
          and I am just guessing on the teacups. I did look for some info, but could not find much. I also found some conflicting about the “size” of this actual piece – but most agree that it is the smallest painting he made. I also really like the suggestion that it has some love energy because his partnership with lee Krasner was said to have stabilized Jackson somewhat and maybe it was at this time he enjoyed having tea with friends. and then it was a year after that when his drip art mode abruptly exploded. I used to have some resource art books that might have provided more info – and sometimes I am sad those volumes are gone… but also glad to let go.

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  4. Golly, I really enjoyed learning in this post! – Pollack’s non-drip painting work, the “Obsession” piece, and Bernadette’s thoughts on learning to draw. Thank you, Y!

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  5. Oh – Obsession definitely gets under my skin! Am thankful I did not have many OCD clients, because it is/was hard to have patience with them! Yes, I/we had chocolates too for Valentine’s. Enjoy your week off:)

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    1. well never too late – and sorry to be weeks late in my reply – but we will catch up as we can – right?
      and glad we are blog friends….
      so let’s not worry about when we visit – let’s just make sure we stay connected –
      have a great week


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