What Pegman Saw in Mexico City

The location for What Pegman Saw this week is Mexico City.

Go here to join in or see more entires. And if you have not yet explored the streets using Google images – you should check out how fun it is: Av. 5, Mexico City, Mexico. Here is my short fiction for Pegman’s prompt:



Dear Mom,

The first week in Mexico City was great. Glad I came. I can’t believe I said I would never visit Mexico and even though it is messy on the streets, people are nice. I have not seen any cartel and there is lots of art. We visited Frida Kahlo’s casa azul today and you were right, she has SO many little folk art collectibles. When we left her blue house museum, a shop owner down the street had some artsy pants for only twenty pesos per pair. The options were plain black, leopard print, and pink camo. I bought you all three. They are a little hoochie-momma like and so if you don’t want them just send them to charity. Lunch is the big meal of the day here and right now we are off to DF for some bistocino and gringas.

Adios for now.


wc: 148











11 thoughts on “What Pegman Saw in Mexico City

    1. I agree with you, YC and I think it is better than a big dinner – and I think many places in Europe are this way too- lunch between 2 and 4.
      I also read that some have dinner (not a heavy dinner like int he States) but they have it at 10 pm!
      and even tho I had fun with this fiction – all inspired by the image of those pants (ha) I still have no desire to travel to Mexico –

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  1. I enjoyed and chuckled in this reading your post! This looked like an adventure! 🙂 I loved Mexico in the seventies since the small quaint towns, farmer’s and craft markets and the only pyramids I will see in person Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon were gorgeous. I was a junior in high school on a Spanish Club trip. 🙂

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