Walk with Jo in Niagara Falls, NY (doors and windows)

Today’s post brings you to Niagara Falls, NY for a Walk with Jo to see the falls – and some doors and windows.

First, the doors at Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY had the little golden guitars.


Here is a danger door:


Here is the door to the OBSERVATION DECK near the Maid of The Mist in Niagara Falls, New York (US). It was closed during our visit.


This next photo is what you see when you look to the right of the doors at the Maid of the Mist (and when I saw this view I knew I was going to feature this Niagara falls walk in my February walk with Restless Jo).

bridge-at-falls- for Jo

Now for some windows:

US side of Niagara Falls through the window…..  February 2017



This store lied. There items are not 100% American Made. We walked in and on many products: Made in China. I suggested we get a Bubble Tea from this place with the panda bears (see the bears Andy?) – the bubble tea is on the banner to the lower right – only a quick like suggestion and it was slammed down – someone said they would never eat from a place that had a sign broken up like that. I agreed. And it was too cold for Bubble Tea anyhow….
In closing – here is another photo of the Falls on the American side…. it was a chilly day, but not too cold. And there were not a lot of people here… made for a nice visit.


Thanks for checking out my doors and windows on this walk with Jo. 

To see more walks this week – check out Jo’s post here, where this week she shows us a Pub and England’s highest single drop waterfall.

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And to join in with Dawn’s lingering look at windows – go here.









73 thoughts on “Walk with Jo in Niagara Falls, NY (doors and windows)

  1. Visiting Niagara Falls never disappoints. Regardless of how many times I see the Falls, I’m mesmerized by them all over again. I wonder how many photos I can take before I have too many 😉

    So sad that “Made in China” is the most common label seen anywhere.

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    1. Hi Joanne, I do not completely mind the made in China or made in other countries, but the store was deceptive with their marketing – the HUGE signs say “100% American Made Products” – but when you go inside – they have one area with American made items. Very deceptive. do you know what I mean?
      and I feel the same as you – no matter how many times we see the falls it has that mesmerizing impact…


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    1. well thanks for the comment and I updated the caption for the photo to note that it was the OBSERVATION deck…. and I have been in it before and it was worth waiting in line to get it…..

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  2. That’s quite some view, isn’t it? Weird to see it with snow. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Yvette. Life isn’t very cheerful here right now but I’m trying to count my blessings. Hugs, darlin 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hi Dan, I agree and I do not even care that much about it – because I know we trade and export and even tho the system can be improved – I do not mind parts of it – but in this case – the building has two huge signs that imply it is a Made in American store – but “d say 90% of the products were the usual junky imports

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  3. I have seen the US side from Canada side but I have not visited Niagara fall from US side. I can’t believe someone have the store that says made in America but they do not have all merchandises made in America.

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  4. I’ve never been to the American side of the falls and admit it has been decades since being on the Canadian side for that matter. The last photo makes me want to say in a motherly fashion ” Don’t get too close! ” 🙂

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    1. I hear ya on the “don’t get too close”
      and it sometimes amazes me at how low the guard rails are – although I did notice that the guard rails seem upgraded since I was there last – but they are still low. and the guard rails also have a contour shape that seems to make one feel “safe and back” a little more.

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    1. well I think it is so good to have places on our list to visit – keeps life fun, ya know? and I bet one of these days you all will just get in and make it there – with camera and ready to soak it up.
      oh and when we visited – the hotels on the Canadian side were extra cheap – think it is the off season….

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      1. Well I think that happens. I waited ages to go to the Grand Canyon! When our groups of students travelled around India, Indian friends were amazed that we had visited places they knew only by name. We saw lots of that incredible country in a month of traveling! Seeing new places gets in your blood, doesn’t it? BTW most of our traveling is as a result of husband’s work.

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  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Niagara Falls. Well, I’m not dead yet! HA! My Mom told me they honeymooned there and I did see the Marilyn Monroe movie “Niagara.” Good movie, by the way! Great shots there! It looks cold but I would imagine it’s beautiful just about anytime of year!

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    1. Hi – it was not that cold – for the Falls at least – because I have been there many a times when it was frigid and so cold your bones hurt. They used to have the “festival of lights” every winter and it was so fun to go there and walk around – and get hot cocoa from small booths (overpriced) and go into the convention center and see light displays along the way – but very cold….
      anyhow, hope you make it there sometime

      Liked by 1 person

    1. yes – I would believe it – and maybe one day….
      and it must be a tease to have been so close without making it – this has been the case for me with a few places- like the The Everglades park in FL – I have been super close- but have not made it yet


    1. glad you mentioned the gardens part – because many people only think of this area as snowy or super cold – but there is such a nice growing season and many vineyards…. quite a beautiful area for a short season… 🙂


  6. It has probably been 25 years since we visited Niagara Falls. We used to live in Toronto. When we had friends and family visit us for the first time, a drive to the Falls was always part of the weekend itinerary. It never stopped to amaze. Thanks for the refresher.

    That “Made in America” sign is so big! Too big. It’s screaming.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback – and you are right about the screaming size of the sign as well – maybe part of why it felt deceptive/ and this was the off season so maybe the asian food place will clean up their sign too….
      and how nice to come down from Toronto with guests – 🙂

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    1. oh the mystery sounds fun in that setting…. and I just started reading Louis L’Amour – he has been on my read list for a while – put it off because not into westerns – but so far I LOVE his style… and um, not quite set in the Falls area – but have you heard of him>

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  7. Heads up: The “Made in America” store is on the second floor of that building. The first floor is just a generic gift shop (bad sign, right?)

    And I LOVE the handles on the Hard Rock. They are fantastic.

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