33 Leftover Street Shots from 2016

Hello Everyone – Priorhouse Blog is taking a bit of a spring break from posting (be back with an art digest in April).

In the meantime, I leave you with some leftover street shots from 2016. Β I numbered them – so please let me know if you have a favorite one from this post.

#1 – Robert Downey Jr lookalike (Buffalo, 2016) Super nice guy!
#2 – Pittsburg, PA 2016 (Pink Hair)
#3 – Road Guard – RVA – September 2016
when older people take selfies (jk)
#4 – Rochester, NY (Love that anchor)
#5 – Rochester, NY (Go Bills) Oct 2016
#6 – RVA (blue boots) Sept 2016
#7 – All about the Jordan (RVA August 2016)
#8 – Christmas Mood (RVA Dec 2016)
Granma Moses? jk


#9 – From South Carolina – 2016
#10 -Fredericksburg, VA – Summer 2016 – new baby love
#10 B
#11 – Dallas Football Fan – 2016
#12 – Love his posture (edited this for an echo effect – ha)
#13 – RVA Summer 2016 – Traveling Couple chatting about food options
#14 – I asked her if she was a Justin Bieber fan – and she said, “It’s just a shirt.” – RVA 2016
#15 – Fredericksburg, VA Summer 2016
#16 – Fredericksburg, VA Summer 2016
#17 –Β Summer 2016 (love that brick and stone in RVA)
#18 – RVA Fall 2016 (We chatted about her doggies – and she kinda matches them, eh? – She thought so… and she said that both are rescues)
#19 – Guac Guy – RVA Fall 2016
#20 – RVA 2016 – Really nice beard man….
#21 – Working Out – RVA 2016
#22 – Nice hat! RVA 2016
#23 – Two Guys walking (think I posted this last year sometime) VA 2016
#24 Flag guy – RVA 2016
#25 RVA 2016 – LOVE
#26 – RVA 2016
#27 – RVA 2016
#28 – RVA May 2016
#29 – RVA May 2016
#30 RVA 2016
#31 Sub Guy – RVA 2016
32: Lady with Gold – South Carolina 2016
33. Lady with little girl – PA 2016
Selfie Shadow at rest area on Carolina – VA border

44 thoughts on “33 Leftover Street Shots from 2016

  1. OOOOOPS! Sent before I had intended! I was going to say … Why do you think those stood out to me? Dumb question. #18: how did you have the same picture of the dogs and the woman with the car in the background, as the picture of the dogs and the woman without the car, but a bicycle in the background (instead)? #29 … this intriguing woman with a smile I cannot figure out, beautiful eyes, sitting on the steps of her porch, with her sandals, and flowers, and lovely color on her doors behind her. Double doors? I don’t remember the last time I saw double doors for a front door. Hope you are well. In heaven we will have coffee, if you are up for it.

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    1. Hi T – super nice to see your comment come in – for a few reasons (and thx for the heaven reminder….. anchor for the soul….)
      and regarding your questions about 18 – the reason is because I took a few photos of this young lady. I also grabbed a few seconds of video footage – and so traffic was changing as I took a few pics. I included one more to share with you – a photo with her looking up.

      And the lady in 29 –
      I actually interviewed her and spouse in-depth. They even invited me on to tour their old house in “the fan” area of our town. It will take about a weekend (or a really long day) to make a video collage of the interview – but I just have had other things I had to do first… ya know?
      But she was also an art collector and they are from germany. The door was painted yellow so that her daughter could find the house when she was younger – they did not want any confusion for her when she got off the bus….
      and that is how we met – I was walking by and spotted the bright yellow door

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    1. thanks for chiming in and #10 is seeming to be a top one – and my biggest goal with my break is not to make it too long – anything past 60 days and I lose momentum – so we shall see – and if you do take a break…. please show us the rest of your cruise photos first – hah

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  2. My all time fav was 12. What a great shot of reflections, unless there were triplets! I loved the expression in #29, too. What a sweetie. #10 is very special, too. I love the father’s expression. πŸ™‚

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      1. To me it is the most interesting photographically. The others are great in different ways, touching expressions, but that one is not something you would see often. πŸ™‚ Good job! So are you going to begin blogging again in April?

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      2. Hi Marsha – yes, i will blogging again in April sometime….. I took Last off March as well – although I plan to write more this year – I want to do flash fictions and stuff like that…. so we shall see –

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  3. I initially started taking note of the ones I liked but then I gave up! They are all so very interesting and unique in their own ways – the girl with the blue boots, the lady on the door step, the baby photo all so very precious. By the way what’s RVA? Hope you have a restful and productive break. Hope to see you around πŸ™‚

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  4. Ahh..hello mon amie. At long last I’m getting over here – my plans to blog/write battle against the usual derailment, but hey, we do our best, right? And no point belabouring that…I am sounding like a broken record! Anyway…loved trawling through your photos, great collection from last year, I love the way you capture so many different poses, expressions, and swift bursts of movement caught in the moment, and colour bursts too – blue boots for one! I have to say my favourite, caught me right away so going with my first instinct here, is ‘really nice bearded man’. Just something about that guy…even before I read your caption, I thought, what a lovely guy he seems! Love your echo shots too. I see you’re taking a break after this too, and I’m still on a blogging go-slow, but will catch up with you…huge hugs Y… see you soon and we’ll dive into those coolies and flies like nobody’s business, ha! πŸ™‚ ❀ xoxo

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    1. thanks so very much – and I appreciate all your feedback and the guy with the green car was SUPER nice….
      I do not take that many street shots anymore, feel like it is not something I want to do anymore, but I had fun taking these….

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  5. Hi Yvette. I hope you’re well. When you’re back from your Spring break, please contact me or Theresa regarding the Cinderella project. We need your email address as we’re communicating the results of the Challenge and the way forward to all participants via email. Thank you so much. Hugs, Anne

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