Traces of our Past….Azaleas

Hello blog friends.

Priorhouse is still in the middle of a long overdue blog pause.  Even though I miss my wordpressing time so much, we all know that breaks (or fasts) are very important.

However, it is time for a quick check-in and to do that, I am linking up to Paula’s Traces of the Past/Sunday Black & White challenge.


When we first moved to Virginia in spring of 2003, the first gift of a plant I received was a small Azalea shrub – our church gave them away.

I later added a few more to my garden, but took them out for various reasons (some plants did not make it, because this shrub needs a certain acidic soil – or I moved them out so I could have a summer bloomer in its place).  Earlier today, I picked off one little bloom to bring in the house and placed it in this little saki cup.  I told my son the history of the shrub and it was a nice mini chat about the past. 

(Here is the same azalea a week later:

Well today is also the final day of the Masters.

As I came in and out, I was able to catch a few of the highlights and I was able to see some of their famous Azalea blooms. 

For those that don’t know, the Masters Golf Tournament is noted for their blooming Azaleas (and flowering Dogwood trees) and here is some info about the past of this prestigious event.  

I was also reminded of my past blogging days.  

Back in 2014 – here – I posted a photo of Rory’s golf shot from the Azaleas….


And that reminded me of Tina’s past comment (and Tina’s recent photography as art post has some wonderful flowers – here):

But getting back to today (4-9-2017)

Do you know what is more beautiful than Azaleas in bloom? 

Generosity and kindness!

And today – when pro-golfer Matt Kuchar made a hole in one – he grabbed the ball from the hole, signed it, and walked over to give it away to a young child on the sideline. Very cool. 

Here is a collage I put together to show you the fun moment. 




Well that is it for my Traces of the Past post. 

Oh wait, two more things to mention: 

If you have never seen a “shaming cage” before – Paula has shared an image of a 16th Century cage from Levoča HERE, which is where you can also find other entries for April’s Traces of the Past.

And after much pondering, I have decided to finish the 365 Days of Art project over on Prior Blogspot – here. I have been chipping away at some of the posts there on and off and tomorrow marks the start of week 19. 


I hope everyone is having a nice start to Spring in your slice of the world. 

I hope you enjoy today and also make time to reflect on the past.






Update 4-10-2017

The wonderful gardener/blogger Woodland Gnome HERE – reminded me of another Azalea post of mine from 2015… The Azalea Mall post HERE (Thanks WG).






60 thoughts on “Traces of our Past….Azaleas

  1. It is nice to hear some of the blooms are still going strong and you are sharing time around. It looks right at home in the cup, like it is eager for a drink of water 😊 Sport is such a great thing in that it shows determination but also the nice sides of us. Very touching of Matt to give away a signed ball. Lucky kid 😊 Good lick with your projects. Always chipping and working away…don’t stress 😊

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    1. Hi M – well the blooms are still just coming in this week – it might be the height of their blooms in the next few days….
      I agree about sport – well said

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      1. Good luck with those blooms. I am sure the flowers and spring really are happy to see you…It seems you’ve spent a lot of the cooler months working hard at those projects. Time to come out and feel the sunshine and enjoy the warmth 🙂

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  2. Hi Yvette, Nice to see you pop back in. I hope you are enjoying your break. The azaleas are beautiful, but as you say, the generosity and kindness even more so. What a thoughtful gesture. Have fun!

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    1. Hi Norah – thanks for the feedback…. and with your decades of Education experience I think you know how even more special it is for an adult to reach out to a kid like that.
      I was just reading an article from a man who talked about getting wounded at camp one year – and the man that covered his wound and helped him was so mean. He said it was only a half hour of his life, but the coldness remains. I know that not everyone are into kids – and waiting at the post office the other day one of the screaming ones – was giving me a slight headache… but I understood those days.
      and well the point of the article was to remember to be kind – especially to children because they are impacted. and I remembered some of the nicest adults I met when I was younger…. and well, three cheers to this golfer for his giving heart…

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      1. Poor screaming child, poor parent. Sometimes the children are just so overwhelmed by everything around them and are in a situation over which they have no choice and no control, that all they can do is scream. We’d probably do the same, though we’ve learned to keep it inside. What a shame it was someone without compassion who covered the wound. Maybe he was in need of compassion himself. But as you say, the memories remain, and sometimes sting.

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        1. Hi N – yes, I agree that these small beings get overwhelmed and the momma was very smooth with her children. and here is a photo I snapped that day….

          and I usually have extra grace because I have been there when my children had needs – especially with one son who did not like airplanes (and it was another reason why we stopped traveling to certain places at certain holiday times…)

          ok – wishing you a great rest of April and TTYS

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        2. What a considerate person you are. I hope you’ve been able to resume your travels. There are many who would not have been so thoughtful. Take care. 🙂

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  3. I hope you’re enjoying your break, but it’s good to see you in my inbox. Our Azaleas aren’t blooming yet, but we’re going to see some truly warm weather this week. That might encourage them to pop. Have a great week!

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    1. thanks Dan! and even though we have been on the east coast for many years now, just this year I realized how the blooms stagger as you move from south to north. We were in the Carolinas last week and the blooms were full…. then came here and it was our turn… and likely next week will be yours…. ahhhh
      hope you have a nice week too – and be by soon – I have some catching up to do and I enjoy your posts – peace

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    1. well….not as much rest as I would hope – but tackling projects and basketball season is officially over after a seven month season. whoa.
      thanks for dropping by and hope u have a nice rest of your week

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    1. thanks very much, and the blooms are full this week – some are just beginning – and hope you have a nice rest of the month….


    1. thanks for that encouragement – because as sherri matthews always notes (and you) – we kind of feel bad when we withdraw because we miss our friends in blogland….
      but there is a time for pause – just like plant need a dormant season – eh?
      and wishing you a good week….
      oh and loved your old fashioned computer image:

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  4. You are absolutely right that “Generosity and kindness” are more beautiful than Azalea in bloom. I would say it would be hard to find anything more beautiful than these two or even one along. That is well said.

    You are also right that this a great time to see Azalea blooms They are in full swing now.

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  5. Hi Yvette – honored to be a part of your lovely azalea post! I’d forgotten all about that moment, thanks for the reminder. Azaleas were my dad’s favorite flower and always remind me of him so you’ve doubly blessed me today. Many thanks!

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    1. well I wish I would have inserted a copy of your artsy azalea! seemed like the timing of that particular flower was spot on… but then again it is spring and they are in bloom.
      and how cool that a.- your dad even had a favorite flower (says something about a sweet heart) and b. good choice of a fav…..


  6. Hiya honeybun! Love the photo of Rory ‘in bloom’. 🙂 🙂 We have a few azaleas in pots in our garden and I love watching them and the rhodies each Spring. Happy hols, Yvette!

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  7. I did so love the ubiquitous azaleas when I lived in Georgia. I have many photos of them, particularly fond of the ones towering over my head, took the kids there for photos. Well, the girls. The boy one was not inclined to be photographed in front of a mess of hot pink blooms.
    Enjoy your break! 🙂

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  8. Glad you have been having a bit of a break. You have been such a busy blogger and at times Yvette I wonder how you do it.

    The azaleas are beautiful and so amazing to have that golfer right in the midst of them.

    We are just starting to see a bit of spring now with green grass and budding trees! 🙂

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    1. hello Carl – sorry for the late reply – thanks for your comment – I read it a while back and it led me to catching up on a few of your posts- so thx and be dropping by again soon….


  9. Loved your opening part (felt as if I’d written it …) and your floral images,dear Yvette!Btw,I had to refollow you,for some reason your posts never arrived into my email inbox.Hope you enjoyed your break as I did.Hugs of friendship to you & kisses for the day 🙂 xxx

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    1. thanks for the refollow and I had to refollow many of my blog peeps too – not sure why.
      and side note – I will always be grateful to you for supporting my month of a to z posts back in Feb 2016 – thanks again…. ((hugs for that))
      and your nice comment on this post has left me beaming – peace to you DG

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