Thursday Doors (Toga Welcome…)


Hello Readers, I will be back tomorrow to check in better – but wanted to share some doors with Norm’s Door Challenge, which is hosted by Joey this week (here).  My doors today are a hodgepodge – we have silver doors with the Toga ad, A “welcome” door with Native greeter, door opened to the garden — without the alarm going off –, and graffiti doors from Noah’s old shed (more about Noah in an upcoming post).


Happy Thursday….


46 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (Toga Welcome…)

    1. Hey M – looks like others have felt a cool vibe with door #4 as well.
      And actually on the other side of this shed was a small -patio – so it was near a sitting place – but the ground here was so uneven and eroded – seemed like a lawsuit waiting to happen – or not – but Noah has moved from this place

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      1. It will be a shed and place to be admire with the eyes then 🙂 No one wants to get hurt. Places come and go, but they will always be remembered. Happy Autumn, Y. Or for us here in Australia, it’s Spring 🙂

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      2. Oh happy spring… and I was just reading about what Australia’s winter weather might mean for us here…. guess we are more connected than we realize –


  1. Silver doors are cool – haven’t seen much of these! You have a way of making one curious to your next post:) Have been for 3 months scrambling to keep my posts going, but now I’m largely done with my 10 x 17 feet one, am slowly coming back to “normal” life. How have you been doing, and are you still doing the daily art post?

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    1. Hi sweet Jesh…
      I need to catch up on your posts – and whoa- 10 by 17?????
      I need to get more info-
      And yes – I am doing the 365 days of art (I will share link later) but I am a little burned out with it – I like art – maybe even love it – ok – I do love it – but daily posts about it became too much at Day 150 – ha! And so my other blog allows me to schedule posts and pause e as needed – win win!


    1. Hi – thanks for asking location- the first one is Fredericksburg VA – the second one is Buffalo NY (I had my first job at a park across the street from those doors – the park is gone and the area is partly run down) – the last two are really Richmond VA
      ((I should have noted the locations – so thanks)
      And have a nice day


      1. Yeah – it amazes me how some older places go up in value and become charming real estate – then other areas go down in value – Burbank the good news is that the small building on the former park lot – is actually a nice building and I think added value –
        Have a nice day

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