Thursday Doors (bricks part 2)

Good Afternoon and Happy Thursday to you.

For my door post this week, I am bringing you some more bricks (last week had bricks part 1 – here) and the first two are from Richmond, VA. The second photo is a fun little red door I grabbed while visiting my mother in SC last September – it had a brick for a step and

Door with branch growing out of frame: Downtown Richmond, VA (2016)
Door with screen and gate – dirty step – old window almost as long as the door – light is on during the day – and bricks are painted yellow: Richmond, VA – The Fan District – July 2017
Red door with holiday lights and parking lot spotlight: South Carolina September 2016. ((Need a step to get into the raised doorway? Use a brick…. ))

This door – with brick floor beneath – has a message:Laugh about it, cry about it, write about it…. so do you hear that bloggers? Let’s get writing….

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To see more doors or to join in on the challenge, go HERE where  (a.k.a. M-cubed) is hosting for Norm 2.0. 🙂 


36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (bricks part 2)

    1. thanks Joey, and I thought of writing something about that branch – like maybe connect it to an analogy for tenacity in life – but nothing came. ha!
      have a nice day

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  1. The branch goes to show you, nature is stronger than manmade brick! Brick houses is all I knew in Holland, and part of culture shock in the USA was trying to understand why people build wooden houses that can burn so easily. Well …ever since – we have been living in wooden houses, lol.
    Almost forgot – doors – my fave is the cute short red door!

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    1. Thanks Jesh! Like the phrase about nature’s strength – and the red door here might be my fav too.
      And interesting about the wooden houses – and when our friend from San Jose (Kevin) came to visit Virginia he specifically wanted to see some of the many brick houses and noted building materials are often chosen for the area’s fault line proximity and weather (something like that) and noted that pars of the east coast “get” to have bricks because many areas there (here) are not prone to earthquakes –
      But u are right about other considerations – like fire – and by the way – hope all is well with the fires in CA


  2. Nice theme and some interesting pics. I like the single block for a step. It looks like a bsksncinv act will be required. The tree limb is amaxing. I wonder how long that took to grow. .

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    1. Hey dan – that brick/block step is definitely not up to code! And if the branch is growing there like that – wonder what the pipes look like underground (tangled) – hm

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  3. Gotta watch your step with the red door. A great gallery of doors. Love the arrows too, very clever 🙂
    The “girl in the air” wasn’t here?
    Is it in another blog? x

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  4. Door with branch growing out of frame is my favorite – it looked more like a door-shaped shut-window since there were no steps below. Then the red door with holiday lights. Also: laugh about it, cry about it, write about it – is apt and how true 🙂

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    1. Thanks m and I think the door and area were part of a loading dock that was used many years ago – a lot of this area is from 1900s and some parts might be late 1800s.
      So I think there was a structure leading up to the door – assume so –

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  5. Yvette, you have such a curious mind! I especially enjoyed the last photo, but all of them are fun, especially the first two with the photo-and-closeup combination. Thanks for posting!

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