Thursday Doors: “8 Doors with Art”

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Skittles in Art
Peeking in the opened door
Door surrounded by art
Through the door window
Opened door emitting art
Book Quote on a door
Art tucked away… shhhh
Men’s room door was opened (little inappropriate – sorry – had to share…)

Have a great day.

Be back soon with some Friday Fiction

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27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: “8 Doors with Art”

  1. Each door has a story to share, P. I like the door surrounded by art. There’s some sense of unfulfilled achievement there that I could sit right under Mona Lisa on the carpeted floor and fulfill it. Also, the book quotes on a door — the real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking, and, books are hindrances to persisting stupidity. Brilliant.

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  2. Nice collection all on the art theme. I assume this is some sort of an art school. As for the men’s room: at least no one was using it at the time πŸ˜€


    1. Hi Norm- this is from two different art places in town – and yes – one is a place that has studios, educational classes, and then an area for shows/receptions.

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    1. thanks DawD – I did not “love” the quote, but thought it was cool to find another quote on a door – and was already gathering art doors…. cos I do not think that is the “real purpose of books” – there are too many purposes to list and then it can change as our needs change….
      so I might not even like that quote…. lol

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  3. I liked the art tucked away particularly, Yvette. πŸ–Ό The eight doors had things to “say.” I like having a sense of humor when I blog, so along with liking art this made my late arrival special. 😁 Smiles, Robin

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    1. well thanks dear Robin….
      and that tucked away one grew on me and if could only post a single photo – I might have picked that one for a quiet mood – pensive and maybe “in progress” vibe….


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