Sunday Musings (Nature and Fiction Warning)

Hello Blog Readers,

Sending out Sunday Greetings with some photos and a little fiction.


I wanted to start of with a Sunday tree, linked to Becca’s blog (here).

Last week, we walked the new footbridge across the James River in downtown RVA and I took some photos.

A couple of photos reminded me of the weekly photo challenge (here) for “layered” – like these next two:

But this was the original photo I had for layered:

The heavy iron vibe (from the last photo) reminded of the new bridge again, and the folks we met along the way.

We met some of the workers:

And we met some protestors carrying oars and blue and white signs declaring, “No Pipeline.” They demonstrated to try and stop Dominion’s proposed 600-mile pipeline. I was told it could threaten rare bats and already endangered salamanders and mussels. It also could be super dangerous if there were a natural disaster and so the few immediate perks might not really outweigh the long-term cons…..


These two folks sang, “I’ve been working on the railroad” – but changed the lyrics to warn about the potential pipeline hazards and to raise awareness about the need to the think more about protecting the earth and animals. I grabbed some video footage and will try to share it later this Fall. 🙂 These folks were inspiring they were gentle, lively, passionate – and took the time to explain their stance (about why the pipeline is too dangerous for the few it might financially benefit) and they patiently explained the cons to many of us who knew little about the pipeline project. (The proposed 600-mile underground Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is an interstate natural gas transmission pipeline from Dominion Energy and we are still learning more about this controversial project, but it was nice to meet people with such passion.)

I also thought about using this next photo for the “layered” prompt (when a photo challenge comes out, we sometimes have a few ideas come and go). I sent this little Hawaiian dress to my SIL last month and included the poem by e. e. cummings – with a butterfly for her fridge – this was just a little “thinking of you across the miles” package…. and After being at Dahlia’s blog this morning, I realized this photo might fit with Cee’s fun foto, which asks for a topic with a double “e” (and our author – e.e. cummings – fits that).

Then, I thought about where this Sunday post first started.

It was with that Sunday tree, which reminded me of last Friday’s fiction, Joe’s Shoes, which was inspired by Preston’s book, The Hot Zone. Because while I was grabbing info from Preston’s book, I stumbled upon another science writer, Davin Quammen, who wrote an entire book about Ebola virus. Well Quammen is currently finishing up a book called Tree of Life (Simon & Schuster) and last week I saw this fun photo of him out in the field. ha! Love those glasses – and that expression.

Quammen’s website is here.

Quammen’s jungle photo reminded me of reading Lain Kelly’s Sunday fiction piece this morning (here), which was inspired by a leaf photo for a Sunday Fiction challenge.

So I decided to end this Sunday Post by joining in with Sunday Photo Fiction.

Here is the Sunday photo prompt (to join in or to see more entries – go here)

Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Speech in the Year 2030 (Priorhouse fiction – word count: 200)

The old man gave a chilling apology.

“When I was the 72nd Governor of Virginia, I thought only about boosting the economy.

I wanted my legacy to be felt for years after I left office.

I don’t regret the many beer breweries I dispensed financial perks to, but the Atlantic Pipeline and Chinese paper factory were obvious mistakes.

I only thought about reducing unemployment rates and generating revenue.

Almost 20,000 immediate jobs were created to build the pipeline but most of those workers are again unemployed. Five scientists were recently hired to rebuild fragmented habitats and to save bats, mussels, and salamanders. They are not sure the water in the James will ever be safe again.

The Chinese paper mill brought 300 hundred initial jobs – low wage jobs to some needy folks –then China made millions while polluting our James River- while I only thought about short-term unemployment stats.

I couldn’t see the cons back then.

Today, we are forced to only drink light beer because it is safer than contaminated water. I want to apologize for aggressive employment goals while forgetting about long-term consequences to nature.”

Contaminated leaves rustled as the former governor coughed and left the podium.


To read more about the pipeline project – go to Virginia Wild (here)

Thanks for joining me for some Sunday musings. (Oh and the fiction story is based on three projects our Governor either considered or has pursued – the breweries have been wooed for years now – not sure about the paper mill from China – and the pipeline protestors are putting in many hours).


The new RVA bridge (and a “Stone Brewing” ad loudly hangs from a building).







51 thoughts on “Sunday Musings (Nature and Fiction Warning)

  1. Wow Yvette, you “went to hell with yourself” as we say around here! (It kind of means go crazy and have a ball with whatever you’re doing). The authors of the weekly photo challenge should be VERY happy with how inspired you were by their layered challenge!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. your comment made me smile, thanks T!
      and I did not realize how layered the post was and so it does fit the layered theme in another way, eh?
      And I noted last week (in a Sunday post) that I did not really like combining challenges – but I do feel we have the option to do so – and seriously – this post unfolded on its own – and I was hoping a natural combination would be felt – I was up a bit early and this flowed like one of the “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” book…. lol
      oh and the other thing – I told the protestors I would post a picture or two – and that was on the 8th – and so I wanted to keep my word and at least do a shout out for their cause….
      ok – thanks again – good week to ya


    1. oh Dan – those words would have went perfect – xos they are worried about their next election – or a higher office – and then some stats…
      and in this case – heard our governor has slathered grant money to get breweries here – and not sure if the paper mill made it – but that was just stupid…. let China make money while polluting our waters –
      and the pipeline is still being protested

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  2. I can understand the paper mill can have more direct impact to the river near by. Laying down underground gas pipes should be relatively safe once the work is done. I can see damages to environment during the construction. They should be temporary and hope fully just sections at a time. Just my not fully understand the how they actually do it.

    Love your last picture. Such a nice blue sky!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks, YC – I was not in the know and the pipeline protestors were sweet and teaching minded…
      so thx for your feedback – although I do think we need to be extra careful with environment and how we define safe – guess I am thinking of the “fracking” stuff I read about and the way it tainted the earth and people became sick


  3. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – hopefully those in power will realise their mistakes before any of this comes to pass. Thank you for including a link to my piece and I’m glad I inspired you to join in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for the comment author Di – and why, why, why do your comments go to trash???
      anyhow, thanks for taking the time to include my blog in your rounds
      and I asked everyone to get off of the bridge so I could take that photo (kidding) it was the last section, still to be tightened – and nobody was there for like a minute) – peace


    1. thanks Su and I will be by to cacth up soon – I was just thinking of your book 0 kids stuff to do in las vegas – and was wondering how you were doing – and seeing it is time to catch some gold at the end of the rainbow (perhaps)


  4. It was so nice to finally see someone who speaks her mind about the pipeline! Your other issues are very important to keep in mind also!
    Yvette, it is discouraging to work with “nice” people who are sometimes bigoted, often short-sighted and how do I know this? Some of the words that come out of their mouths. Stereotypes all across the board and amens and saying our current Trump is doing a great job. . . Sigh.
    One recently did get fired for calling a Cameroon wan who during the day is a nurse’s aide, was a certified nurse in her country but works as a janitor here. The “N” word used while someone was in a stall and told on mean person. My parents went to Wash DC in the 60’s to march. For this?! sad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – well thanks – and I actually am not sure how I feel about this pipeline – but it is better to chat about rather than other issues in the news – if ya know what I mean – but I do think more research needs to be done to assess the real threats – can never go to slow when it comes to endangering endangered species and messing with water.


      and wow about the story with your parents march – sad indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks author neel – and I am a novice about these matters, but the protectors said what you said just now – that the few who gain from certain projects is disproportionate to the many who “will” lose and possible many more who “could” lose


  5. This is uniquely your specialty Y – how you link and blend diverse topics so seamlessly and effortlessly. So cool! : D And you mentioned my blog too – thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well thank you for inspiring me amiga – and for the nice comment – and I am not just trying to sound humble – but seriously sometimes these posts just flow and maybe it is just a personal thing – which is why we “need to do what we do” and not compare our posts or blogs to others cos we need our own essence and flair….

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  6. Love the photos, Yvette! These little local stories are like movie popcorn to me, so richly satisfying in small bits! I love to savor the window into what it’s like to live or visit on a local scale. Thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well thanks for saying that – and to someone who reads (and writes) as much as you do – I can see how this is like movie popcorn bits… 🙂
      ha! and wishing you a great day

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ha- well no moving quite yet – but I have heard that it is a good idea to shower very well after swimming in lakes and streams. There are some flukes (especially in the Great Lakes areas) that enter the body through the skin – but they can be washed off if showered within a certain time.
      thanks for the comment


  7. Hi Yvette, I love your post. Since I have to go to bed so that we could get up early to go to the airport, I’ll read more of your posts later. I’ll be busy for a few days. Thank you for stopping by and comment on my posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well glad to be here and not sure we got connected in blogosphere ( I think we follow some of the same people) but I am glad to connect and I will be checking back for updates –

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by….
      and it was a trail of thoughts – and honored to share with blog friends….
      I have not read any of Quammen’s books, but he did challenge some of Preston’s Ebola findings and that was really interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for joining me in this post – and I guess 19 protestors were arrested a week after I took their pictures. Protesting is serious work…
      and hoping you have a nice day 🙂

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  8. What’s beautiful about this post is that although you take on many challenges, the textual/pictorial flow is organic. You “own” the post and make sure that people you’ve linked to own their parts at the same time. This is the best definition of blogging, where there’s such a strong feeling of community. My favorite — the part about ‘no pipeline demonstrators’ and your fiction piece linking to it. Great picture of the RVA bridge 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks M – very much!
      and appreciate you noting the fiction aspect to my piece…
      I feel as if sometimes what I write is confused as being my view or my life experience – so I guess I will try and clarify or add notes as needed – but I can see why some folks have had to use pen names…

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