The other day I grabbed a window photo to share with Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows. This trinket shop was across the street from yesterday’s garage door (the one with the whale weathervane on the roof).

And considering the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge is Windows this week, I have a few more window shots from #RVA. The first one is a window-door…





13 thoughts on “Windows

    1. Hi Jo – I think many of us have said that this year – 🙂
      and thanks for the comment – and coming to see you soon – have a “walk” idea for October so be seing you then too =-

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    1. Hi – I like that sign too – but it was completely over done here in the states – like everywhere from mugs to flags to hats.

      kind of like the “Live laugh love” trio that was overdone…

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  1. Love this trinket shop especially after I enjoyed the extra-wide garage door with whale weathervane — the fact that they’re only a few feet away from each other has me imagine the location in my head. And the last photo is captivating – the missing glass and the contrast in the exterior texture with and without it, as though we are seeing two weather seasons at the same time.

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    1. thanks for the comment M – and the last photo was a little “color select” done on the open window – kept the rest of the pic B & W

      and this shop is across the street from the garage (but close) and it is near this amazing eatery called “Dot’s back in”
      which was featured Delicious Dishes as Featured (2009) on a show called Diners Drive-Inns, and Dives.
      and whew- the reubens and greek-topping burgers are just awesome

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