Thursday Doors (old, new, leaves, & nice guy too)

Happy Thursday. I have four doors to share today – all from Virginia.

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Old (The Fan District, Richmond, VA 2016)
New(Charlottesville, VA)
Fall leaves  (Charlottesville, VA)
nice guy too… he held the door for me…with a smile 🙂 (Ashland, VA)

This is linked to Norm 2.0 – to see more doors or to join in – go here

Hope you have a nice day and be back tomorrow with some Friday posts.







16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (old, new, leaves, & nice guy too)

    1. yes, I know the maple leaf is everywhere and now I can see even more why you said it felt like Canada.
      and to me it also feels like canada because this area is clean and the grass areas had an Ontario kind of feel to me.


  1. A fun post. Thanks for joining us this week. If you have time don’t forget to swing by and add this post to our link up list to make it easier for others to find it. Just look for the blue “froggie” button near the bottom of my post. Cheers!

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    1. thanks Norm – 🙂

      PS – linking to blue frog now….
      Sorry – I scheduled this post earlier in week and I am not sure if we can link early?? thanks so much for reminder…

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    1. well thanks Georgie Moon – and virginia is on the east coast of the united states – we are a little more than an hour from our nation’s capital, Washington DC

      and thans for dropping by

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