Little Dude in Rehab (Micro Fiction)

Little Dude in Rehab (Fiction Word Count: 150)


…. fir the third time, I’m NOT from Colorado.

I’m from Littleton, WEST VUR-GIN-YUH.


As I was sayin’….

First time in rehab.

Why I done decided to come?

Bunch a reasons.

Like losin’ two more friends from OD.

Then my brutha, Timmy, went up and got his legs all messed in a wreck. He used to drive around town like he was the shit.

In his old gas guzzlin’ red Chevy Suburban. Folks called’em – Timmy Soprano.


Now I ain’t a cryin’ kinda guy, but seeing that broke Chevy – just sittin’ there – makes me feel sumptin’.

The wreck really did kill my brother.

Then – leavin’ the post office one day, some Profit show was playing on their counter-top TV.

A number for addiction network came on.

I wrote it down cuz I wanted to help and give it to someone who needed it.

Guess that someone was me.


This is to join in with What Pegman Saw for the town of Littleton, West Virginia

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Author’s Notes

I tend to run into folks from West Virginia often. We are only one state over from them and many folks wear West Virginia University Mountaineers gear. My tried and true (overused) joke is something like “Are you from the part that has electricity or the part of West Virginia without it?” I have driven though West Virginia too many times to count – never through Littleton (that I know of) and one year – back in 1991 – I stopped off on a road trip to visit West Virginia University. And the school is in this amazing location – parts of it feel like you are on a cliff. I splurged on an expensive sweatshirt – not because I liked the school – but I think I was in that souvenir-getting kind of mode.

Ok  – back to the prompt photo:

In 2010, the total population for the town of Littleton, West Virginia was 198.

Littleton, WV was described as the “poorest town in the second poorest state.”  In 2015, Dan Majors (here) wrote that this “once-thriving town” is now another city suffering from “hard drugs.”


So with that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the addiction network hotline.

1-800-849-1381 Addiction Network

Earlier this year, The Profit (here) aired this “addiction network” commercial and I thought that was pretty awesome – for so many reasons. So let’s give a shout out to those who make small differences with little actions like this – to give commercial space for this – well it could really save lives. Last month., I listened to a young speaker give a presentation on Human Trafficking (with Polaris info) and a big takeaway for me was how useful hotlines are: “The Hotline receives an average of 100 calls per day. Read stories of survivors who called the hotline for help.”

So let’s all keep that in mind – the little things we can do to help raise awareness could make a huge difference (and thanks again to The Profit).

Oh and when I saw the photo for the prompt, I immediately noticed the the red truck and thought of Tony Soprano (from HBO’s show) and Tony’s 1999 Red Suburban (and connected that into this fiction piece).

Thanks for reading and hope your day is going well.






41 thoughts on “Little Dude in Rehab (Micro Fiction)

  1. Great story and informative post. Let’s hope your guy stays clean! Without hope it’s easy to slip back into the darkness. And it’s hard to have hope without opportunity.

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    1. you are so right – and let’s hope he does not need to go to rehab multiple times.
      Last summer I was speaking with a local guitarist – he has been clean for many years and is doing well – so long-term recovery is possible…

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  2. That is great of you sharing the information. I have been wondering about addiction.. For us or for me at least, I love coffee. I have tried to stop but the habit just keeps coming back. Now I gave up the thought and live in peace with it (everything in moderation). We do not call this addiction but for other stronger kinds we do. That is strange on how we classify them differently. I do know what would happen if I would be in the other category. Oh sugar too 🙂

    Please have a good Sunday.

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    1. Hi YC – well you covered much in that nice comment. and I think people forget sugar is a type of drug – and coming off of it can be similar to getting off a drug –
      and then I see what you mean about the coffee/caffeine. And I guess it comes down to how we “operationally define” addiction… versus life’s pleasures, habits, etc.
      and then it depends on the way the habit or addiction impacts the life – and in my experience – some things like coffee – well it makes life better – and I have given it up many times – but feel I don’t need to – do you feel that way?


      1. Yes, me too but I limit my coffee consumption to one time or two at most a day and only small portion (only half cup or less). You are right, the “operational define” is the key here. I think coffee can be both for pleasures and at same time can be beneficial. I do not think I have it for the later though 🙂

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        1. wow – 1/2 cup – you are so disciplined. 🙂
          I have had some days when I skip the coffee because the tea is so good.
          But then other days when two cups of java is a must – or I feel “off”

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        2. ha – ha – and well, I think the quality of coffee can make a difference.
          oh and a tip I learned earlier this year is to add a touch (pinch) of baking soda (bicarbonate) to coffee because it can alkalize it ia bit – or cut the acid – and I started doing that when we have really strong coffees – it seems to help (or maybe it is somatic – lol)

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  3. Great story, and a good reminder. The meth and opiate addiction in America is underreported and almost wholly unaddressed. I know a lot of addicts and alcoholics. It’s a killer affliction.

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    1. Hi – well thanks for your nice comment – and just by having this discussion we help raise awareness a tiny bit – eh? ((and so I am really liking the pegman prompt for that reason) – and I know what you mean about the killer affliction – we had it hit our family earlier this year and it is really a tragic thing that is hitting all of us…


  4. Well told and a god voice here for your MC – a sad and downbeat life but a real one. These drugs kill people all over the world, but don’t seem to lessen their hold over societies. Thanks for the context too

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    1. thanks Lynne – and something you wrote was really potent:
      “don’t seem to lessen their hold over societies”
      whew – that is the crux of it, eh?

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    1. well we actually have a “button” to click when we want to use “Southern Drawl” it is a new feature from Microsoft.
      “Switch on for the grammar check to accept Southern vowel breaking (“Southern drawl”): All three stages of the Southern Shift often result in the short front pure vowels being “broken” into gliding vowels, making one-syllable words like pet and pit sound as if they might have two syllables (as something like pay-it and pee-it respectively).”

      That was a joke….

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  5. This was a wonderful and very informative story, Yvette. I graduated from WVU, so I know the landscape you mentioned. I traveled with friends to some very poor places, and met some wonderful people. I hold onto hope that something good will help rescue that state and its people. In addition to poverty, they’ve suffered exploitation by large industrial companies for many years. In many ways, it’s easy to understand how addiction gets a grip on people there. I hope they can shake lose.

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    1. Hi D – when I wrote the post – I forgot you were WVU alum! but I now recall some of your posts – 🙂 oh yeah – and I forgot about the exploitation – I hope they can shake loose too – as well as the other cities under opioid siege…

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  6. Good story. Got a chuckle that he was more tore up by the wrecked Chevy than his brother… I’ve seen that commercial ad nauseam around here.

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    1. Hi Jelli – well actually I was trying to say that the now broken Chevy (which was broken cos his brother wrecked and hurt his legs) – and so I was trying to allude to maybe the brother is at home = with the loss of his leg use – and maybe the family cannot really talk about as they are in survival mode – and so as our little dude comes and goes – he sees the “broke Chevy” and it reminds him that “not all is well” and the truck is the catalyst for how real the tragedy is – and the accident didn’t kill his brother – just took out his legs – but in other ways the accident “really did kill” his brother – cos some folks can’t move on with a disability… hm

      and I have not seen the commercial you mention, but i have seen plenty of Chevy (and car commercials) so I know exactly what you mean.
      Now we do love commercials – we really do – but some are so cheesy

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  7. I am a fan of West Virginia from a purely aesthetic viewpoint. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, and every time I go through it, I feel touched by the divine.
    Those Addiction Network commercials are some of the worst I’ve seen, but the business itself is desperately needed and to be commended for their work.
    I liked your fiction 🙂

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    1. thanks for your comment – and you really highlighted the beauty of WV by saying “feel touched by the divine.” true that!
      and omg – you are not kidding about the cheesy commercials – does some producer actually suggest they make them crappy – “Let’s make these cheesy….”

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    1. thanks draliman – that was exactly what I was trying to convey – although relapse can be part of recovery let’s hope this little dude does not need that up and down recovery route…

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  8. I have to confess I dont really enjoy stories which use slang (or whatever you have used is called) but I really loved the way you used it. The voice made the story really very special and real. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much DawD. I am not sure what I call the slang – a West Virginia dialect 0 but actually here in Virginia there is a group of old Virginians who have a certain “talk” – like the word far sounds like “fire” –
      anyhow, I appreciate the comment a lot…

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  9. Love this fiction theme. And you rightly said – “let’s give a shout out to those who make small differences with little actions” – the most forgotten are these little actions.

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    1. Hey WRITE MIGHT! not sure why this comment missed me – this happens weekly with a few comments.
      andf good point about most forgotten – hm
      also – some folks mistakenly thing big is better -a nd so the saying goes….


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