Different Climbs (#whatpegmansaw)

What Pegman Saw this week takes us the the island of Mauritius.

What Pegman Saw is a weekly fiction prompt utilizing Google Maps. The assignment is to write a story–150 words or less–based upon your own street view tour, using the location link provided.

Here is the photo I chose to inspire my short fiction.

what pegman saw prompt…


Different Climbs (fiction word count: 97)

Seriously, you three go ahead.

Okay….but are you sure you don’t want to scale this small area with us. This window of good weather means we will be back in 5 or 6 hours. We have anchors – good protection…

As I have mentioned before – what you three find exhilarating is exhausting to me. Scaling that slice of mountain is just not appealing. My climb is different from your climb. I’m just elated to reach timberline. Enjoying being here with everyone.

Okay, we’ll be back around dinnertime.

And I will dive into this book I brought.



Author note:

Not much to say about this little fiction piece, except to note that I tried to have interplay with altitude – they are on a “climb” and then one hiker opts to “dive” into a book.  I also used some words that start with vowels and it was not intentional, but the “e” words seemed to coordinate well (i.e. everyone, elated, exhausting, etc.)


If you want to join in with Pegman or see other entries – go HERE.

Author update, from blog powered by robots: “The island of Mauritius which is in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. The island has a fascinating history and culture and would certainly be worthy of a vacation visit someday.

Author update TWO: to read a fun post of someone really diving into a book – check out Joey’s woman on the bed post


38 thoughts on “Different Climbs (#whatpegmansaw)

    1. Hi YC – well I was not thinking different ages – but I can see that! And it was less about strength and more about preference – like not everyone gets all charged up by the same things.
      Oh and guess what? I think that “pipeline” project was approved

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      1. well actually your prespective did hit upon a huge part of hiking – and especially scaling – it is strength related and some folks might opt for a book for that reason – others might just not ‘want” to do it- but the strength was a good point –
        and with the pipeline – well I hope they are right in its safety – I think you thought it was safe… ?

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      2. but your point about the strength really fit in more than I realixed (which is another example of how feedback can help us expand things) but strength is a factor here – because I noted scale the mountain – and that is no easy task.
        so perhaps my point of preference would have fit better if they were going to “hike a bit more” – because option out of scaling is a much bigger deal – and so thanks again for that comment

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  1. Once while on a tour to Vienna, I was exhausted (and frazzled by a buzzing plot in my head) and opted out of of a museum visit, much to my husband’s disgust. I was happy sitting out scribbling away. But I do regret visiting the museum now, especially as the hubby keeps rubbing it in 😀

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    1. I know exactly what you mean.
      And I have missed a few events that hurt – but I think it goes with life – and I have accepted that it is okay to not do everything – our culture has more adventure than ever before and so I have to adjust my lens and realize how awesome we have it overall – if that makes sense

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      1. Yes! It makes perfect sense😊 I was very happy and contented whilst sitting out doing my thing and knowing that the others were happy doing theirs. Though i do think my hubby missed me which is also a good thing right 😉

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  2. Dear Yvette,

    My husband is always talking about going to one of those places where they offer zip-lining. I have no desire to do that. I tell him I’ll stay on the ground and wave. At the same time, when I swim he sits on the beach. Clever play on words at different heights. 😉



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  3. How nice to have a piece which recognises that different people have different needs and pleasures! There’s always peer group pressure to participate to the full. I’m glad your climbers overcame that temptation.
    Enjoy your read!

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    1. thanks very much pennygadd – and I think I was also think of “adrenaline junkies” and how some folks get a charge in different ways – anyhow, thx again


  4. The way you picked your verbs worked well. “Diving” into a book makes it sound acceptably active; in any event we’ve all been immersed in a book many times. Your story paints a reassuring picture of friends recognising each other’s preferences and strengths.

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      1. Oh – I get it – and imagining someone seeing the ocean for the first time i can see the vast enormity that could lead to those figurative hives (and thx for coming back to clarify)


  5. Dialogues create immediate scenes and I like that your fiction has many of them. I liked the conflict the diving-into-the-book character had with the rest. It was his Lemonis moment: If I was looking for entertainment right now, I’d read this book.

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      1. It is something new I have tried this year as like so many others I had to get away from our corrupted white and wheat flour that becomes like glue in the gut – and so almond flour has been a nice rescue – mixed with eggs and a little baking soda (and various other goodies) it gives me a type of bread – 😉
        And have a nice day

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      2. It does sound nice. I don’t eat flour either, though that’s because I have coeliac disease so my body can’t take gluten. Almond bread sounds like an interesting alternative. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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