Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word October

It is almost midway through October. The month is going so fast. It is also time to join in with BoPaula’s Pick a Word for October Photo challenge.  The words this month are






Today, I will use all five words with photos from Richmond, Virginia – all photos taken within the last 90 days.


mountainous (stairs are so helpful…)
whiskers (Laura’s cats – meow meow meow….)
crumbling (art, yo…)
spanning (is that circle metal art down to the left?)


immaculate (cleanliness is next to godliness…. especially at an eatery)

Go here to see more entries or to join in with Lost in Translation 






41 thoughts on “Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word October

    1. Thanks deb – I will check yours out in a few (super curious) and also thx for the feedback on the stools photo -I wavered on a few photos for other words – but the stools shot was my only choice for immaculate


  1. Great choices of pictures to match the words. I can also see the first picture matches ‘immaculate’ as well. I also like the cat picture (and the cat). The cat breed looks an exotic one.

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  2. The cat picture I thought was a mirror image! I even check for one – then I read cats. Siamese twins indeed. Loved the first photo too – great choices all around 🙂

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  3. Great job doing all five words with photos. You must take a lot of photos to have your gallery handy. I can call all photos immaculate. Perfect, straight stairs, symmetrical cats, balanced art and your immaculate photo. The spanning also qualifies.

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    1. you are so right – and I relooked at them and can see that take. I am taking less and less photos these days – getting a little pickier I think – but still probably more than most…
      have a nice day Grandma M

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      1. No worries at all and I loved your comment completely – it actually was cool
        To see that others could
        Fit the words as u saw it – I agreed and actually it would
        Have been clever to do five for immaculate (or another word – ) – and so no worries at all! Your comment made the post a bit more livelier

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