Grandpa’s Picture (Micro Fiction)

Sunday Photo Fiction: Grandpa’s Picture (Fiction word count: 200)


Why again do you have that cruise-ship photo hanging?


That week at sea helped me to “see.”


What did it help you see, Grandpa?


I saw more about myself, my life direction – and later, I saw that week at sea helped me drop my anchor with your grandmother.


How could a cruise do that?


It’s a mix of things. You don’t always realize it at the time. For example, at my assigned dining table, I was the only architect with all these writers. They were bouncing ideas from their writing projects. I listened attentively. One author, Mari, was writing about partnership and how it takes “two whole” people to make a healthy couple. That stuck with me. She said people have nicks and dents – let’s see – how did she put it? So they need to lay down their heart “more careful-like.”
That made me make sure I found a woman who was kind – someone I could trust. And one writer, Sylvia, was writing about emotions – she was a bit gloomy – but this Updike guy was writing about finding natural ebb and flow in life.

I was flooded with tidbits of wisdom at every meal.    


That sounds really deep grandpa.




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Thanks for reading… 🙂  and next time you cruise – ask to sit at the table with all the authors – just a suggestion – ha!

15 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Picture (Micro Fiction)

  1. Hahaha, I never thought of it that way! I’ll have to make sure I find a table of writers to sit at next time just to hear them talk.:)

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    1. Thanks sha – and sadly I do not think this would happen in real life – well maybe at a writer’s group we would hear chatter of projects – (or at hostels – jk)

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      1. Hahahaha, in real life, hostel conversation is pretty standard and boring sometimes, especially when you are new there…”why are you here, where are you going…etc etc…” hahaha…sorry for the late reply though, was a little bit sick so went offline…:)

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  2. Love cruises and meeting people. My husband and I took one to Alaska to celebrate our 25h anniversary. We had dinner with some lovely people. Thank you for bringing back those wonderful memories!

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    1. Thanks for getting that – really u made my day! I realized I should have explained those three – so maybe I can here – Mari was Mari Evans sho wrote poem celebration about how hearts have nicks and dents and my post about Mari’a poetry is still a top visited post from my blog.
      Sylvia – as u know – was Sylvia Plath and her journey with depression is well known – I had Updike – or John Updike join the cruise because I read his first marriage had a lot of up and down and his divorce from first wife led to his writing about life’s ebb and flow (something like that)
      Anyhow – thanks for noticing those authors dear Write Might!
      Maybe one day we can have a “lady by the river” author cruise (**dreaming***)

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