Pink and Mobile (Artificial Flowers)

A long-time blog friend, Debbie Smyth, has a one word photo challenge and last week the color was pink. It was absolutely refreshing to see various pinks emerge in the blog reader. Especially because fall’s orange, red, and browns are everywhere, which is quite nice, but the pink also had a nice impact. There was also a pink flower theme in many posts – and I was panning on joining in with the word “pink” – but took a while  – and now the word for the next week is up, which is “mobile.”

It just so happens that my photos for “pink” could also connect to “mobile.” At least I think so. ((There is also a flower theme here – but mine are artificial.))

First, we have some artificial tulips. A couple of weeks ago, this Honda was parked next to me and the flowers caught my attention and made me wonder. Why the bag? Why artificial? Where were they going with these? Is that one flower missing on the stem?

Well I wondered this later – after I took a quick pic and got on my way.

This next photo shows some clever paper flowers – they are taped around pens in a library.

I was going to color select the pink ones for “pink,” but thought I’d give the full-color version for the combo of words. Flowers on pens mean they can be mobile – and hopefully it means the pens will be put back and will not walk away for good….

Lastly, this paper-cut Asian art piece had some nice pink. The beautiful hairsticks mean the person can be mobile while keeping a nice updo –  while also sporting a floral accessory.

And tea for one….. with all that color – and pattern –  I think this artist provided us with a nice mood.



To join in or see more about mobile (or pink) – check out Travel With Intent.

Hope you have a great rest of your day and thanks for dropping by.


48 thoughts on “Pink and Mobile (Artificial Flowers)

  1. Love your pinks! Seems a lot of places, i.e., doctors’ offices, etc., have taken to applying flowers and such to their pens probably trying not to have to restock every day! Kind of hard to toss one of those into your purse or pocket! HA! Love that cut paper picture. Such detail and beauty. And, or course, your joke is perfect! That would be me. Although even some of my plastic plants and flowers have not fared all that well…. 😆

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    1. That is funny about your ur plastic ones not doing that well – and some silk flowers are amazing in appearance and we could almost ever tell – in 1994 -1995 when I taught college biology labs I had to buy flowers to teach certain parts for botany lessons and ended up finding silk flowers that could be used over and over – still got some real as the school budget allowed – but those fake flowers were great

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  2. I wonder why the plastic tulips in the bag, too. Curious. I wonder if it’s just a way to add cheer, or if it’s memorial, or shopping… Interesting.
    LOVE the paper bouquet! 🙂

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  3. I’m smiling about the fake flowers. There is a home in my neighborhood that has front yard flowers that never die. The dead giveaway ? There are poinsettias right next to her eternal geraniums. Nice take on the pink.

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      1. Yes! Hah and geranium essential oil is supposed to be anti-bug (like citronella) and some say it can help hormonal balance – hm – but not too sure about pointsettia oil?

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    1. … “The dead giveaway?” I instantly have to think of all the plastic flowers on the graves in the UK. This is very strange to me coming from Norway, having spent more than 30 years in Germany where this is a no go, in both countries. But, different country, different habits and I start to see it with other eyes now.

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      1. Thanks so much – and in graveyards I can see that it makes sense to have fake flowers – hey can endure all the weather and add color and beauty as we Remember – also interesting to learn it is a no go in Norway and Germany! Two places that i tutu I have some great things!
        And side note here is that in June I was in Canada 🇨🇦 for a funeral and the family said “in lieu of flowers donate to these places…”
        But people still sent huge arrangements (because sometimes this is just what we want to send and they can also donate – but sometimes having all that beauty and aroma around lifts a bit of grief from the air- or it can) anyhow – there were so many arrangements at my sister’s house I brought a handful to Buffalo and brought a couple to some grave sites (sniff). But they looked amazing and it was so nice to repurpose all this expensive arrangements – and ironically – the guy who passed away was this huge giver and it was only fitting that his flowers would make their way to different people – I brought my aunt one of the arrangements and it was so large it took up almost her entire kitchen table – she had to move it so they could eat!
        Anyhow – thanks for your comment for it reminded me of the essence that comes with real flowers – such a gift 🎁

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    1. I love how u called it sitting numb – that fits it well. Also – I just realized how even more special this piece is because it is a small piece and to do such tiny paper cuts – nice

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    1. Well until this post I did not realize so many people did it. There is one house across town that I sometimes drive by and they have the worst fake flowers – think u can see the tag on some – and believe they are senior citizens- and guess they do it in Vegas – eh?


  4. Yvette, I loved both of those first two photos, for different reasons! the stand-out of the pink in the first photo, the crispness of the paper in the second one. And the third one was niccely complicated. It really made my day to see your photos. Thank you!


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