Sunday Photos….

For a nice Sunday post, I decided to combine challenges. The weekly photo challenge is GLOW this week.  So here is my entry for GLOW:

Second, Deb’s word this week is SHADOW. This colorful (glowing) circle art installation cast a shadow that connected to other items in the area. We see a tall sign and also the shadow from the crepe myrtle blooms. I liked the mix of geometric shapes and organic… and aren’t flowers and art a nice way to break up all the concrete. 

And speaking of crepe myrtles, this next photo is an up view of some blooms, linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees:

Lastly, below that last tree – we did feast – as the lights came on (glowing) and dusk set in…

This hazy panoramic shows you we had the entire patio alone – to chat and eat (downtown #RVA 2017). 

Happy Sunday,

Be back soon with a short fiction piece and another yoga teacher interview. 





39 thoughts on “Sunday Photos….

    1. well thanks for checking out the pics R…. and that is a very very old patio – I believe with some bricks going back to late 1800s – and the tree is old – but only a couple decades….
      it used to be one of our favorite places to eat – 🙂

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  1. Love the perspective of the second shot. Looking outside, looking up and seeing quite a lovely view though it looked overcast. What a treat to have a patio to yourselves. I really like that when that happens – that I have the whole restaurant to myself, even for a few minutes before other diners come in. There’s just something more cosy about having smaller meals together. Smaller group, more attention to each other 🙂

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    1. Hi M – thx for the comment and yes – I love having the patio all to ourselves – and it happens often for us – and one this night it was nice but nothing too out of the ordinary – oh there was a bird who kept coming and going – he must have been foraging people food ☺️


      1. Hehe. That bird did sound like it wanted food. Or maybe it was lonely. Or maybe both. Eating outdoors under the sky isn’t something I’ve done so much. Well, it’s been winter and cold here but we’re slated to heat up hopefully soon 🙂

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  2. LOVE the shadow combo, Yvette! Such a great reflection in your text about the stark lines added to the soft lines of foliage. I think shadows and optics are so interesting. Sometimes I get up in the morning and notice an unusual shadow on our walls from the light coming in through windows or across bannisters, and it’s very calming and intriguing at the same time. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks so much L and it is nice to have you back in blogosphere – even tho we both know those breaks are important too (and we don’t always get to pick when they come – ha)

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    1. Thanks for your feedback PP- and the week is starting so nice – hazy weather but after a weekend of sunshine I’m not complaining and hope your week is off to a good start – ☺️❤️

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      1. Variation in weather is fun, although not always convenient.

        We had a hot hot hot weekend, but I am now listening to the thunder rumbling in the distance so I think we are in for a little rain and hopefully slightly cooler temperatures.

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    1. thanks Write Might…
      and yeah – the way art and greenery softens and enriches was really felt here as we walked. I did not care for the circle art – but the pop of color made a lively statement and just adding something – as did the trees and grass…. sounds kinda obvious – eh? but this is why we need landscapers and artists – well one of the many reasons – ha

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    1. Hi naturefreak – I had to translate the Dutch (wish I knew it…)

      Beautiful interpretation of the photo challenge

      and my reply:

      gracias !!!

      I mean, bedankt


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