Sunday Signs….

I am Linking to Travel with Intent’s One Word Challenge Orange.

In the first photo, from this angle, the Bass Pro sign reads a little different…


And to share another throwback Halloween costume – my son and his friend were the “Mac and PC” guys from those ubiquitous commercials that played back in the mid-2000-s (here).

Oh and look at this nxt sign – The Recreation Center offers two super fun things –Β  Hot Dogs and a Pool? So…. since 1940 they have been having so much fun this way? ha…

Let’s wind down with some Sunday comics on signs…

Okay – wishing everyone a great day.






48 thoughts on “Sunday Signs….

  1. The sign pictures are funny. I cracked a smile seeing the first picture. If take it literally, it makes me wonder what does that mean. All cartoons are funny too. If I were a deer, I would wonder what the sign mean to a deer too. Since the dear in the sign is black (I know deer are red-green color blind), a deer could think “be ware of bad deer around” πŸ™‚

    I’ve never been to Scotch land but I think some place there is no gender specific restroom. I guess you could use both πŸ™‚

    Oh, which one (Mac or PC) that your son was ?

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    1. Thanks Linda – and that old friend of ours – justice was his name – made such a great PC guy and it was his idea – and some folks that night told the pair that they were their favorite costume of the night – so many adults laughed a lot!

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    1. Hi – well I guess that comic is referring to how men wear kilts and so if the signs show males and females in dresses/skirts – well in that country it is universal to have that look (or could be) and so that was the joke – I bet they just have other symbols – or use words…. I dunno

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  2. Great fun post Y – the first one cracked me up πŸ˜€ MacPC are so cute πŸ™‚ I loved the deer confusion too. But I didnt get the one about the first sign of spring?

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    1. well the first sign of spring has the character of Robin (from Batman comics) and he is tucked near the tree – and many folks see a robin on the lawn or near a tree during late winter – a sign that spring is coming soon

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    1. thanks Deb – and I guess many people accidentally take this angle of photo because their main website has it… this is whayt you see from parking lot –


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