28 thoughts on “Pick-a-word November (From the art show…)

    1. Hi – I’m running out in a bit – but wanted to say thanks for the comment – and if u peek at the mirror – it says “you’re too good for him” – but standing without the words I think it could relate to the word –
      And dormant is what I felt with that photo – just the mood exuded – age – sitting – drips of art that seem like they slowly oozed – maybe from waiting or resting or pulling back – something like that

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    1. thanks so much L… and this arits also made a Beatles mirror (I saw a at a different show) and seeing that folks like this one – I will try and post the other mirror too – nice way to recycle Scrabble tiles…. especially the good wooden ones…)


  1. Nice collection! Loved the Tiggerish tiger, the mirror’s message, and wow on the vibrancy of that painting! I wanted to nibble carrots and cookies and cheese and keep perusing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. well you comment kinda encapsulated the exact feel I was going for – like a mini art tour post and wish I could send nibbles via a post – (and I wish foodbloggers had a way to send samples – some day?)

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  2. Interesting pieces, each has its own story. I like the mirror. Those beads around and the litter pieces are very interesting. It also reminds me of a magic mirror. The letters could be a spell ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hah! Very fun take on the mirror – and in my archives I have another photo of a mirror by the same artist! And they put Beatles song lyrics using scrabble tiles – I will dig it out and post it – ok?
      Thx for the comment

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