Thursday Doors (Recycled doors on patio and Trump costumes)

Hello Everyone – my Door post for the first week of November is from The Fan area in Richmond, VA.

A small little eatery has recycled doors put up along their patio. I am not sure if they are temporary or permanent, but they were fun and so I had to grab a photo.


and just for fun…

This next photo was sent to me and I replied, “Nice door and wreath.” ha!

I knew they shared it to show the costumes – but had to tease about liking that door and wreath.

also – seeing that Robin (here) shared some fun costumes in front of a door this week (actually two doors) – well I had to share the photo in my door post. And don’t you think tjoshie7 did a wonderful job with these costumes?  (Except little Mrs. T’s dress is a little too Kennedy-like – a darker dress perhaps? And maybe some of those dress-up plastic heels would have worked better for the photo opp- not necessarily for walking…)

Okay – that’s it for today and wishing you all a good day….

To see more doors or to join in – click here – where #ThursdayDoors is hosted  by Norm 2.0.






28 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (Recycled doors on patio and Trump costumes)

  1. Hey yo! It’s your CP4, obviously, I keep trak of you, even if I don’t comment, so you have a stalker….kind of neat if you ask me.
    Cute little kids, great pictures and I was also thinking, what in the world is happening in Richmond? The people graffity their doors? What a bunch…….

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    1. well I think they were invited to paint on those patio doors – lol – but think you knew that – thanks for the comment CPONE and I will be by to see you soon – peace

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  2. Love that door and windows as a side panel. It is fun and strange as it make you feel how do I get to the door. It is against your sense when you see a door that needs to be next to the floor you can walk to. This is the door that you can walk into. Tickling feeling.

    The president Trump and the First Lady are so cute here. He must be in a hurry getting out of White House without wearing his shoes. High heel for the First Lady? She is rather too tall for Mr. President as it is, her shoes are appropriate, I think 🙂

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    1. Hi YC – the doors are so high up and well – in my opinion it did not feel inviting to walk through – but the colors were pleasing. They are remodeling the patio and I do wonder if these will come down – I will post again about them if they do get removed.
      and I laughed pretty good with your comment about no shoes – and glad you gave a thumbs up to First Lady T’s shoes…
      side note -0 just read a great article about the First Lady’s wardrobe choices…. I will share link in a little bit

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    2. Here is the link:

      Kate Bennett wrote a piece (released today – 11-5-2017) titled “Melania Trump’s got her own kind of Fashion Diplomacy” (should be “has”)-
      anyhow, I think Bennett did a great job at writing about the First Lady’s fashion:

      “And while some of Trump’s fashion choices back home have drawn critical fire — the dress she was wearing in a photo tweeted by the President in support of American-made products on Labor Day was by Mary Katrantzou, a Greek-born designer based in London, or the $1,390 red flannel shirt by French designer Balmain, worn to a garden event with children at the White House come to mind — this is not a first lady who appears to care all that much what people have to say about what’s in her closet.
      In September, asked how Trump dealt with the opinions of her detractors, Grisham told CNN: “Mrs. Trump will never fit into a mold and is not concerned about the comparisons often made of her. The first lady wishes to make a difference in our country and hopes that regardless of political affiliation, everyone will realize she is her own individual.”
      Earlier this week, Trump did get words of support from one of the few women to have walked in her shoes, former first lady Laura Bush.
      “I think she’s done a lovely job. She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a wonderful representative for the United States,” Bush said in an interview with CNN, adding that she wished the first family the very best.”

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