Sunday Photos (Peek, shadow, tree…)

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge this week is Peek (here). This street art from Virginia beach felt like “peek” to me:

To join in with Becca’s Sunday Trees, which is in the 6th year! – here is a painting of a tree.

Travel with Intent’s Word this week (here) is Count and this is a photo I had taken to show Dan @nofacilities – because he does a series called “Having a Beer” and so I thought of him when I saw this bar setup.

There are lots of numbers to possibly connect with count, but if you “count” the number of beer taps they have, well – um – there are more empty handles than full ones. Anemic.  I am not complaining because with keto eating plan – beer is not really on the menu (and that is okay) but wow – such a cool bar set up yet such limited options. 


Let’s wrap up this Sunday post on a quiet note with art for Shadow Shot Sunday (here):

“Topsy Turvy” Barbara D (#RVA Artist)






46 thoughts on “Sunday Photos (Peek, shadow, tree…)

    1. U know – u hit the nail on the head (sorta playing with words 🌸 – like head on beer- !) coz they can get away with limited offers if they have the right ones (and keep the lines fresh….)

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  1. A great mixed post Yvette – some fun wall art (which I always enjoy), a great painting of a tree and I love relaxing with a craft beer so the bar looked very inviting.
    Your closing shadow shot is very elegant

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  2. Lol, with that street art what caught my attention was the small frog. It looks like it watches everyone that passes by 😀 Lol at the beer taps. They all look good to me. Certainly looks like a wall of art.

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    1. hi M…. you are right – the frog does seem to be watching every one who passes – and this is a block from the ocean so maybe he is on a sort of early beach patrol….


      1. Oooh. I couldn’t tell it was by the beach. Now that you mention it, today I was at the beach and there were murals on the bathing buildings all round there. None of them as cute as the frog, though 😀

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      2. well now I will think of you when I see that frog. and they had some nice art on the patio, and I have a Thursday door to share from their patio… no more frogs though…


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  3. You never cease to amaze me. Wonderful. Greetings, and a heads-up for you … I’ve been in the desert for quite a while and have NO recent posts: no reason to go to the Other Side of the Trees. I’ll be back in the blog-saddle again. Peace to you, my friend.

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    1. well thanks for checking out the post Mcubed.
      I have no idea about the beers there – and my food was only so-so and so I won’t be back (but my spouse and boys like to show there…)

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