Sunday Trees (and old literary comics)

Hello Readers – a quick check in for today with some Sunday Trees from the hills, I mean mountains, of Virginia. Linked to Becca’s Trees #314


And now some old school comics about books:

All comics from Books, Books, Books (Charlton & Gross, 1988)

Have a great day and please be back soon to check in better.






43 thoughts on “Sunday Trees (and old literary comics)

    1. Hi YC that is a sunrise….
      and with that comic – well there are likely a couple ways to take it – perhaps – but I took at as meaning that not all writing is good writing – and so literary trash has its own landfill area. Do you agree with my take?

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  1. Loved the trees, glowing in the sunlight. Also enjoyed the comics. Really like that one where they guy showed up to the party saying he couldn’t put the book down. Probably the biggest compliment for any writer and author ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Oh Mabel – you are so correct – and remember that is what my FIL said about “Lady by the river”
      and I like that particular comment because it also hints at how we do not want to forget the main essence of what we do.
      Like it is good to promote and have parties and all – but at the end of the day – let’s enjoy the book (or song, or product, etc.)


      1. Lady by the River is something special, and it will always be. It can be so easy to forget what is important and what we got – it’s always around us. Just enjoy the show ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hey Sha – you made a great point. It kind of amazes me how some things “DO NOT” seem to change with the times.
      Technology swirls and evolves – but some things -like these book comics…. are timeless, eh?

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